Monday, October 28, 2013

And the work rolls on...

This is us at the baptism of M and J.  So sweet!

Buenos Dias Familia Thorpe!
Mi nombre es Elder Thorpe Y esta es mi companero, Elder Sanchez. Somos misioneros de la iglesia de Jesucristo de los santos de los ultimos dias y nos gustaria compartir nuestra mensaje con ustedes.  ¿Que le parece? 
Haha thats me about 50 times a day! With some differences.  It is so awesome to hear from you guys.    Yes, we had a Multi-Zona this semana pasado.  It was good, we all learned a ton of great stuff.  The mission has had a rough month, not too many baptisms for us.  But hopefully that will improve! Elder S and I have found some awesome people this past week.  One is a husband and wife who talked with the misioneros 15 years ago, but once those misioneros left, they just got busy with their lives and didn't continue with the lessons.  It was so cool to hear that, I knew that those missionaries 15 years ago planted a seed in them and now me and Elder S are here talking with them now. The Lord works in some pretty cool ways! The husband is a big guy.  I got to thinking, after they agreed to prepare to be baptized next month, and I got a little worried that I might have to be the one who baptizes him if it works out... haha! I better start lifting more! We also found this other lady who had gone to the San Salvador Temple open house two years ago and she thought it was beautiful.  She has just never gone to church because no one has invited her.  But, it has been way hard to find her when she's home, so I'm a little worried that we might lose her.  Hopefully not! 

I am so happy to hear that Springville swept MM! That is some of the best news you could ever get.  That is awesome that the Varsity is doing so great!  Jants and Nick, that's what I'm talking about! Nickel going undefeated for his first year of tackle and J-dawg is on his way to the ship! ah yeah, I'm so proud!

I got a package from Jeff y Jane this past week and your guys´ letters and quotes! The Package was so great, it had some Halloween candy in it and it made me very happy because no, they dont celebrate Halloween here.  Thanks a ton Jeff and Jane and Gracie! Also, the quotes and letters Mom & Dad sent were fantastic, thanks a bunch! 

Yeah mom, I do have a memory card in my camera so I can send that home! Just send me a new one and I'll send the old one back to you.  Dad, that is sad to hear about Bro Johnson.  That guy was so sweet, and I loved hearing him and Nola argue when we would go teach haha it was hilarious.  How is the rest of the ward doing? Jay and Shay had the baby? Thats awesome! Spencer is a good name, crazy to think I won't see him for two years! 
We had an awesome baptism this past saturday. M. C. was supposed to be baptized a couple weeks ago, remember? But she says she wanted her own clothes so she pushed it back another week.  However, during that week, we found out that her son, who lives in a city about an hour away, was also taking the lessons from the Sister misioneras there, and accepted to be baptized! We were so excited about this because M. had told us that she wanted her son to hear about the church too. Haha, so this past weekend, M. and her son were baptized together.  It was such an incredible thing to see.  A flippin Miracle to say the least! She has one other daughter that is now starting to be a little more interested about what our church is so we are starting to teach her too.  Crazy how the Lord works, right? I'll send a picture from the baptism!

Well I hope things continue to go great back home.  I miss you all like crazy and love ya even more!
Talk to ya next week!!

Elder P.R.Thorpe

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