Monday, December 2, 2013

"But it's Thanksgiving!"

Mi Familia! Como estamos??

Mondays are still the greatest! Loving hearing from you guys! 
Sounds like thanksgiving was awesome.  I love that you all made it to the temple on Friday! I'm liking the "White Friday" instead of "Black Friday" thing! Lets keep that going so Payton can be apart of it in 2015 yeah? Yeah La dia de Accion de Gracias was pretty sweet for us here! We had a little multi-zona and a good meal! I'm glad you got my letter!  I was dying to tell you guys, "But its Thanksgiving!" all week long haha!  Nobody here understands it like you all do! I'm loving the pictures too! The fam looks great! And my poster still looks fantastic. ;] Dads rockin the No-shave November!!! That's what I'm talking about dude. Looks good! Nick! I'm glad to hear you got some birds in SD! I'm so sad I missed your first trip shooting.  But two years from now we´ll go and tear it up! Man, I bet that 15 passenger van ride was a riot.  Especially with the kids that are in there! Glad you all had fun!!
Okay, this week was pretty sweet.  I was filled with so much gratitude and love for everything that I have! Even the things I have here.  I have a house, electricity, water, food to eat for every meal [sometimes more than I can handle. I'm getting a gut...haha] ANd an incredible family that loves and supports me while I'm out here! I couldn't be better off! I also realized again, how great an opportunity it is to be a missionary and to wear the name of our Savior on my chest everyday.  I feel a little prideful about it. Is that bad? Haha I don't think so. So beatrice has had some problems with her ex husband.  Well, at least that's what she told us. So she said not to come to her house anymore.  We were so sad... But we talked to her friend and she says that she thinks Beatrice is just a little scared of this huge decision that she is faced with.  She might feel a little bit pressured.  We are going to talk to her today and figure out what is going on with her. We are praying hard for her! She knows that this is all true and she knows that she needs to be baptized.  Hopefully we can help her out more today.
We have this new family, La familia Cabrera, who is way positive! They love the lessons and they actually read the book of mormon on their own! We have only talked to the mom, daughter and son, because the dad works a lot.  The daughter has had classes every sunday morning for college and for some reason her mom has to go, too? So they haven't been able to come to church.  But yesterday was her last class so this next week they're coming!! I'm pumped for that.  We also have this guy and his "Wife".  They aren't legally married though, which is the problem with almost every family in this country.  But the dad said he was baptized when he was like 11 or 12, but can't remember so I've got ol Elder Rowberry looking that up for me.  E Rowberry is the secretary of registros by the way! Forgot to tell you that.  He is in the office! One of the big dogs haha! 
SO yeah, things are going good here! Getting ready for Navidad! I got your package! I LOVE the Feliz Navidad picture thing!!!! That is so sick! I have it hanging up above my bed! Thank you all for taking pictures for it! All of the elders in the house are way jealous haha!
Ah momma, thank you thank you thank you for your testimony.  I can't express how grateful I am that you sent that, and also for the type of person you are. I'm so proud to call you my mom! I would not be here if it weren't for you!!
Dad thanks for that little quote, I really like it!! Just like all of the advice that you give me.
Hope you all have an incredible week!! Talk to you all soon! Love ya!!

Elder Thorpe
Check out my new pillow!  Hermana Nancy made it and I bought it to help pay for her sons trip to the temple!  It goes good with the mustache you sent me!

Hermana Nancy also cut my hair this past week...

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