Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas in the mission field!

Hey Guys!!!!

Man what a cool week, huh? It was soooo sweet to talk to you guys and see all of your faces! Christmas was a little weird here because of the hot weather and the people just celebrate it all on the 24th, but I liked it! What better way to spend christmas then by being a missionary and giving the gift of salvation to others? :] yeah we had our mission christmas party and it was awesome.  We got some cool shirts, then played some games in the morning and watched a movie! I have never seen a chapel full of 19-21 yr old guys and girls be so excited to watch a disney movie haha.  We watched Arthur Christmas.  I remember it coming out last year, I think, but I never saw it.  I bet Nick and Brooks did tho.  We watched it in English too with spanish subtitles so that was sweet! It was hilarious.  After that we changed back into our "regular" clothes for our spiritual part and had an incredible lunch with the ham that we eat every year for christmas! The sweet stuff with pineapple... oh man it was good.  Then each zone sang a christmas hymn and we listened to presidente cordon y hermana cordon speak.  It was all really good! I saw the pictures of the fam and of me that you sent for the slideshow of all the missionaries, that was cool! Hey I was also thinking that you could send me some pictures of me doing the stuff that I love to do like football, baseball, stuff like that.  That would be cool to show people! 
I got the package from Riley & Savannah and the boys and Jeff & Jane and Gracie! Ah man, I'm sooo spoiled!! You guys sent me so much stuff haha all of the elders in my house were so excited when they saw all the candy and toys that were in there! Thank you all so much! I also tried one of those shirleys easybake things that Gma Y Gpa Thorpe sent, ohhh man those things are incredible!!! I dont know where you found those but if you could send some more that would be awesome!
Well it sounds like everyone had a good rest of the week, that is good to hear.  I just want to let you all know how grateful I am for the chance I have to be a missionary, especially for Christmas! Christmas Eve we went out caroling, just singing our hearts out door to door.  I found myself so happy to just be a missionary and to be singing christmas songs to people! Never thought I'd be that happy singing... It might be because people here cannot sing, so they all make me sound pretty good. ;] But I can honestly say that I felt the true Christmas spirit this year.  And I found that that spirit comes when all of your worries and concerns are completely focused on someone else and that you want to do whatever you can for them to be happy.  It was such an incredible experience! 
Hey, tell Dylan Little that one of the Elders in his last zone is brothers with my companion! Elder Nuñez. My comp was talking to his familia yesterday for christmas and had to send a message to his brothers facebook and there I saw the picture of his brothers zone and there was Elder Little right in the middle of them all! Hahaha it was so cool, I was like woah dude, I know that kid! They were all wearing what looked like some honduras soccer shirts and they were eating at some restraunt I think? But yeah,  small world right?
Okay, I hope you all have an awesome week and a Happy New Year! 
I love ya all! Talk to ya next year! haha!

Elder P. R. Thorpe

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