Monday, January 27, 2014

"I love being a missionary!!"

Man I love Mondays!!

Thank you for the awesome emails! I don' know what I did to get such awesome parents!! Yes, all is well with me here! I did not have Dengue, just some flu type virus thing.  But I feel fantastic now and played hard this past weekend! Ah man the conference with Elder Cook was so sweet! That man truly is called of God! He talked a ton about how mission calls are and how inspired they are. He said that before President Monson's announcement, they would have about 3 of the 12 apostles every Friday, assigning about 200 mission calls from each apostle.  Now, they have 5 apostles every friday and each assigns about 4 or 500 mission calls! What a jump right? There are so many people headed out! So happy that I am part of the big wave! He also talked about the things that inspire the apostles to assign kids to their missions.  He said that they get impressions about mission presidents and how this missionary will benefit from this mission president.  Another is the people and country and how the missionary needs to experience life in a certain country or, obviously, meet and teach certain people.  He also said that they are impressed if a missionary needs to learn another language and how this language is not only a thing to learn for his mission, but for the rest of his life and his future career.  That hit me and probably every other gringo in that room very hard! I felt so comforted about my ability to learn the language.  Sometimes its hard to see improvement! I know it is much much better right now, but I still feel like I don't know a lot. At the end of the meeting, Elder Cook blessed us all with a comforting knowledge that we are where we are supposed to be.  It was so flippin sweet!! And Hmna Cordon is right, it was soo powerful when all 750 of us sang Called to Serve! It was just so loud and I couldn't help but puff out my chest and be proud to be a representative of Jesus Christ! I love being a missionary!!
I saw Elder Anderson! I'll send a picture.  He is doing good! He looks and sounds great! His companion has the same time as him and the same spanish knowledge too! I can tell he is working hard! I also saw Cole Bertleson and Alex Tarin. Turns out they are companions! Dumb right? Haha I was so jealous of them! They said that Derek Boyer was in Belize, so I didn't see him.

Ah hey, we have that story of the missionary and his call hanging up in our church building! But, it's in spanish.  That is such a cool story! I hope I get a story that's as cool as that! 

La familia L is doing welll! R is doing good, but we found out that he has a little smoking problem... He says he smokes every night but he knows that its bad and that he needs to stop. So yesterday, I gave him a pack of tic tacs and said, look dude, you gotta stop this smoking.  Everytime you get the urge to smoke, pop one of these.  Haah so I hope that helps him out! That family is just so cool, haha and is just like our family! We are planning on putting a baptismal date with R this week, hopefully for this next sunday before Nuñez chucks a duece!

J is... well he's struggling.  Ahh my heart is just pleading for this guy! He was doing all good, but then didn't come to church last week.  We couldn't talk to him because  I was sick and couldn't leave the house so we weren't able to find him until Saturday.   Hopefully we can talk to  him this week a bunch.  He needs this Gospel so bad!!

Well, I am so glad that everyone is doing well! HAPPY BDAY PADRE!!  Hope you have a great day! Wish I could be there to celebrate with ya.  But I'm thinking in two years we'll go snowmobiling or something! Haha Thanks for your emails dad, and mom! They are the best pep talks! 

Love you all tons! Miss ya like crazy! 

Elder Thorpe

P.S Tell all the priests to get their butts to Mission prep in the morning! That class will help them so much! They need to know the lessons in PMG as well as possible! 
Tell all of the kids in the ward thanks a million for their awesome letters that they sent! I loved them!! 

Look who I found!  Elder Anderson!  
(Friend from my ward back home.)

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