Monday, October 13, 2014

Full Moon...

SO good to hear from you all! As usual! But sounds like a lot happened for you guys.  Thanks again for the pictures!! Everyone looks great, and what I was very impressed to see was Jantsen, RUNNING for a TD! You look faster bro! Me and another elder in my zone, elder long, loved to see some football!! He is going to play at snow college after the mission. Sounds like everyone is playing great! 
Well I'll let you know how this week went for me:
Today was tuesday.  It just wasn't Elder Isom's day haha poor guy.  We went running in the morning and a dog ran up and bit him on the leg.  It wasn't too bad or anything, but it got him.  Supposedly it's a full moon tonight so we are really hoping he doesn't turn into a werewolf.  I told him that if he does change in the middle of the night, to not make too much noise because I will be trying to sleep.  I guess well see what happens.  Other than that, it was an average day.  It rained real hard and got us super wet so that was fun.
Hoy is thursday. It was a really good day, I learned alot.  We had some good zone and district mtgs and then Elder Isom and I had the awesome opportunity, nay, the privilege, to work with Presidente Spjut in the afternoon.  He was with us for a few hours en the afternoon. I was so nervous all day long, but it all turned out good.  He is a really loving guy and we had some awesome lessons with a few investigators.  Presidente was so ready to work, at first he told us to not worry about him and to walk at the normal missionary pace haha.  We would talk in spanish all of the time, but every now and then he would say some little funny things in english. It was an awesome opportunity to work with him.
 Elder Isom hasn't turned into a werewolf, at least that we know of.  All of the dogs in the street seem to follow him now though so that's kinda funny.  But he's doing good and his spanish is coming along.  Mom I got a letter from you today! Muchas gracias! Always a good day when you get a letter from home.   
It's saturday and we're fasting.  Love fast sundays! We started the day off great with a fun little visit with that pastor family I was telling you guys about? How they were throwing a lot of scriptures at us? Well we went back today because they seemed like they could progress and said they wanted to learn more.  However, in the lesson today I felt like they wanted to learn more just to try and point out the things that may be questionable or where it says something different in the bible.  It really bugged me and I started to get ticked.  But I realized how I was feeling and I knew that we just needed to leave cuz the spirit was not there. They are a nice family and are willing to listten to us, but we found out they are from N___ and have lived here for 6 years as (missionaries) for some church.  We told them thanks for their time and all that and as we were leaving, I asked them what the name of their church was and they couldn't remember? They had to find this little pamphlet thing with the name on it to tell us. Hah, I thought that was funny that they had dedicated 6 years of their lives to a church that they couldn't remember the name of.  The rest of the day consisted of a lot of walking and rain. The walking and fasting are 2 things that just don't go together.  But we had a great day really.  We are teaching a guy named C, who we found last saturday.  He is a reference from a member and he is a cool guy.  He is super interested in the church and wants to learn as much as he can.  We taught him with Pres. Spjut and invited him to be baptized and he said yes.  We invited him again today to be baptized on the 26 of this month and he said if we think he will be ready by that time then he'll do it.  So we're really hoping things keep going well with him! 
Today was sunday, and yes we survived the fast.  We had a good testimony mtg today.  I got up and bore my testimony about the true joy that we receive from sharing the gospel. I just felt full of happiness and peace and joy and had to get up.  But the really cool thing that happened was that L came and I was sitting with him and he leaned over to me and asked if he could go up and bear his testimony.  I was like absolutely so he got up and said how grateful he was for the members welcoming him and for us elders for teaching him.  He said that he still has some learning to do and knows that with some more time he will be ready to be baptized.  Haha it was pretty cool to have an investigator ask to bear his testimony.  He is getting there, I sure hope I am here to see him be baptized.  We have changes this week so we will see what happens, but I'm pretty sure I will stay here to finish training Elder Isom. 
 So actually, we just received the call for changes. I am leaving Atiquizaya.  I'm really bummed to be honest... I absolutely love this area and don't feel ready to leave at all.  I also was told that I will be training again.  Obviously, it's what I'm supposed to do and I don't really have any say in it haha.  So the scary thing is that I will be training and opening a new area so... That might be a little difficult.  But I'll survive!
I'll email you all next week from my new area! I love you all soo much and miss ya like crazy! Dad, I did see the moon a lot this week, Hoping and praying that Elder Isom wouldn't turn into a  werewolf, but it was big here too!
Have a great week! Love ya! Tell grandma and grandpa faux thank you for the email! Love them!

Elder Thorpe

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