Monday, November 10, 2014

So proud to be a missionary!

Dear Family,

Man that's a bummer that football is over.  I feel like the season went way too fast! But it always does.  Happy to hear that everyone is doing well.  NICK!! Happy Bday bro! Did you get my letter?? Hope you had a great day dude. I'm glad that you got to hear those recordings, I tried to get some of the daily crazy sounds that I hear here every day.  
Jared is going to Switzerland?! That lucky kid!! Haha he will have a blast.  And the London MTC? Man thats super crazy.  I'm assuming that he has to learn another language? He'll do great! Ah yeah mom I heard a little about the Meet the Mormons movie, all of us missionaries are freaking out about it.  But Sister Spjut told us that the plan is to get it and watch it as a mission as soon as it gets out on DVD.  Alright so I realized that I may be over exagerating about the cold.  It feels real cold for me, but I think that for you folks up in the Utah cold, its nothing.  But I am excited for the pkg! Thank you!

So, we had a crazy week...
Today was wednesday and we had a great day.  We were able to have some good lessons with R____ and he said he will come to church this week.  We are also teaching a family that has a son out on a mission.  The mom is a member, but the dad and some of the kids aren't. I think I may have told you all this... but anyways, we had a super cool visit with them tonight.  We had a lesson planned and everything to teach but it didn't turn out like that.  They are a very humble family and don't have much, but they made us a small plate of eggs with tortillas and we sat and ate and just chatted for a bit.  After we ate, the dad opened up to us more and told us how grateful he was to have us in his house as a reminder of the great things his son is out doing.  I don't understand why, but the spirit was just so strong.  We didn't even teach anything until the end.  It was amazing.  We left that house and both of us were in awe at what all went down and how we felt.  Haha, love when those times come.  It really makes you feel so proud to be a missionary! 
It's now friday.  I have had a crazy last 24 hours.  Yesterday I went on Interchanges with Elder Smith and it was awesome, I learned a ton from him.  He is an incredible teacher so I love being able to go and teach with him.   Then this morning I had to go to a District Lider mtg with all the DLs in the mission.  It was cool and I learned a lot of great stuff, but I was mentally exhausted afterwards and it made it hard to work later in the day.  But the good news is that this guy that we have been teaching finally, after 10 yrs, has gotten his papers ready so that he can get divorced, and then be able to marry the woman he's living with now and then get baptized.  The family is really cool and so nice, the woman is a member and her 2 kids, but he isn't. He has a very strong desire to be baptized and says he will do it, but the only problem is that he really likes the coffee.  That's been a hard thing for him to drop.  But I really hope that this news of his papers being ready will give him a little more of the desire to quit.  I'm excited to get that family into the church completely.
Today was sunday and it was kinda rough.  A rough week over all.  None of our investigators decided to come to church today so that was hard.  Not sure why, I felt like we worked so hard this week. Guess not hard enough.  We did have more people come to church though.  The garage was packed! It was good to see, just need to keep it like that every week. Nick I hope you had an awesome 13th birthday today! I really hope that you got to eat some rolls for me! 
I was able to go on interchanges yesterday with Elder A, an elder in my district.  He is a really nice kid, kinda shy, from Peru.  It was fun to teach with him and get to know him better.  The cold wind has picked up again here in Apaneca, so I got me a nice fire going here in our fire place! 
Hope you all have a fantastic week! talk soon!

Elder Thorpe

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