Monday, November 24, 2014

Thanksgiving week.


This week went so fast! Mom, I'm glad you had a good week, and sounds and looks like it was a blast down in SD! Jake and D look big haha  glad you all had fun!! Yeah we had our thanksgiving party and wrote letters but they must be waiting untill thursday to send them out.  I'll tell you how my week went.

We had a great Pday today.  I woke up at 5am to go play some soccer down in Ahuachapan, that was fun.  Then we had the usual Pday, write the family, buy food, and then came back home and cleaned the house a bit. Spiritually speaking, the theme for today was Faith and Repentance. We had a good lesson about it with one lady that we are teaching and then went to a FHE and talked about the same thing.  It was good, I learned a lot.  I also got to do 2 baptismal interviews. The 2 that got married last week.  Man they are some really cool people.  Very crazy haha but cool.  I absolutely love doing baptism interviews.  They can be awkward sometimes but you can always see the change that the person has made and their true desire to be baptized.  They are both getting baptized this saturday.
Tuesday was good, we did so many practices in our companionship study.  We found a new investigator today, an older guy that literally sleeps on a mat and plastic sack outside of the house he takes care of.  This guy is really really poor and has literally no one.  His wife died 5 years ago leaving him completely alone.  He takes care of this house that is at the front of a big coffee field.  He is pretty positive tho so we'll see how things keep going with him. 
Today we had our Thanksgiving activity mtg thing.  Hope you guys got my letter! It was a fun activity. We wrote the letters and then made these little white shirt missionaries out of paper.  Then we were very lucky to be able to get a flu shot! Hna Spjut took a picture of me when I was getting mine... you might see it on facebook.  Then we made the 2 hr bus ride back to Apaneca.  It was fun cuz I got to chat with Elder Rowberry for most of the way and think of all the good times we had in the MTC and have had in the mission.  Hey I got the package today! Thanks a million for the sweaters and jerky.  And the way cool picture book! A lot of pics I hadn't seen before. Love you all!! Elder Onofre says thank you as well! Especially for the BYU shirt hahah I laughed when he pulled it out of the bag.  But I told him that it is awesome so he is pretty proud to have it. 
Today was domingo! Not many people came to church today and that bugged me.  But we gave some good friendly counsel to the members in our Branch council mtg. I told them that we missionaries have left our countries, families and whole lives for two years to work here, and we can't do our job unless they help us out.  It's time for change here in Apaneca and I really believe that we can do it, everyone just has to be all on the same page and working together.  I find it crazy how big the desire I have to work hard is here. I love this work! 
So tomorrow, Monday, we have a big soccer game going down.  We got the city's soccer stadium and a ref and are going to play against another zone in the mission. Zona Ahuachapan vs Zona Turin.  Hahah everyone is going crazy about it and I cannot wait to play.  I am the goaley for our zone.  I hate a plate of spaghetti tonight for dinner so I should be ready to play hard.  Ill send some pictures next week!     
Hope you all have a fantastic thanksgiving!! Think of all of the amazing things and blessings we all have to be grateful for!
Love you all so much and am extremely grateful to be apart of this amazing family!

Elder Thorpe

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