Monday, December 8, 2014

"El es la Dadiva" (He is the Gift)

What up guys?! 
Man it is so great to hear from ya all. Sounds like you had kind of a rough start of the week mom! I'm sorry to hear that, sounds miserable.  But I am glad that you're feeling better! Yes I have seen the He is the Gift video, about 100 times. :) Haha I almost have it memorized, but in spanish.  Haven't seen it in English yet! We show it to almost everyone we teach these days.  The Church is going crazy about that and the whole message of "He is the Gift" or in spanish, "El es la Dadiva".  Its been fun to talk to people about that, I have learned and thought much more in the true meaning of Christmas! It's pretty sweet! That's pretty weird that it's so warm there.  First of December and you're out playing baseball and mowing the lawn?? Sounds like the weather down here! Except it has gotten real cold lately. I'll tell ya all about it.  Yes haha Elotes Locos means crazy corn.  I never thought I would eat one of those things in my life, but now I have.  They're not all that great to be honest haha. Mom it sounds like you are tearing it up with your calling! Love to hear that you are trying to memorize the living Christ! I'm gonna try to do it too! But, in spanish. :) Great Idea! 
So yeah, It's been cold in Apaneca this week.  It's a bit difficult to find new people to teach here, but we're working on it.  Today was pretty good, we had an interesting lesson with this family that we are teaching, JJ____ and J____. JJ is 19 and J___ is 23 and she has a daughter that is 3 years old, but JJ isnt the dad. So we have been trying to get them to come to church and to get married.  She is a member, but he isn't.  She wants to be in church and get married and be sealed in the temple but he doesn't want anything to do with it.   But I think with a little bit more teaching and if we can really bring the spirit to our lessons with him, he will start to change. If he could just understand how awesome it is to be able to be sealed to your family, and how essential it is to God's plan, he would do it in a heartbeat. I know I've said this before, but thank you Ma y Pa for making the decision to be married and sealed in the temple.  Now I, personally, can live with you two and my 3 little brothers for all of eternity.  Not only that, but it is the best example to have to follow, and it is what I want for my future family.
Today was thursday, and we had a great Zone Mtg.  I learned a bunch and gave me some new energy to work.  We worked hard today and were able to find a guy that is very positive and I really believe that he will be baptized this month.  His name is JC and his boss got baptized last year so he has taken JC to church with him a couple times and he really liked it. It gave me a nice reminder of how every member can be such a powerful missionary, just by sharing their own testimony to their friends.  I invite you all to share the gospel with someone that you know that isn't a member.  If you don't know anyone, then go find them. :) It is a bit scary to talk about the gospel to other people, but the joy that you feel afterwards is unbelievable.  Help someone feel the true spirit of Christmas and give them the chance to accept the Gift! The greatest gift we have and ever will receive in our lives, the life of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Our Father in Heaven loves us so much that he sent his son to pay the price for our sins and so that we can have joy in this life and the next.  Share that knowledge and joy to someone else this Christmas! I know you all can do it!
Today was Sunday, and it was good. Remember our Gospel Doctrine teacher that was drinking a bunch? Well he stopped drinking 3 days ago and came to church today.  Man I was so happy to see him there.  He was a bit embarrassed to go, but he went anyways.  I felt a little glimpse of what I imagine our Father in Heaven feels when we repent of our sins and we return to Him.  I truly believe that he is beyond excited and happy for us when we take those hard first steps of repentance to change.  Boy this Gospel is amazing.
Well guys, have an amazing week.  Hope some cold weather gets to ya all so you guys can have a white Christmas! If not, then enjoy the nice weather. :) Love you all! Talk soon!

Elder P.R.Thorpe

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