Monday, January 26, 2015

House check...

Hey Familia mia!

The weeks are just flying by. And you all sound better and better every week! Mom, I honestly can see how your calling is consecrating you to the things of the Lord. You are really losing yourself in it and I have seen a difference in your emails! Thats awesome to see! Thank you so much for the advice for E______. We are going to try that tonight! We are going to have a fun FHE with her and her family tonight so thank you! Obviously I should have asked the YW Pres about my 15 yr old investigator. She is really timid and shy, but is kind of starting to open up a bit more to us. We have a ton of YW in the ward that are always hanging out with her and really, I don't get why she hasn't been baptized yet! But we'll see what happens this week!

 It kind of depends on the person about the temple, but most of them are always excited to go when they have their monthly ward temple trip. That is one thing that we are trying hard to do as missionaries is to give all of the members and investigators the vision of going to the temple and being sealed as a family or to do baptisms. It's tough for the kids to go often because its far away and they can't go alone because of the way the country is and how dangerous it is in the Capital. It's such a blessing to live in Utah where there are at least 4 within driving range! 
DAD! HBD big guy! Dude have a great day maƱana! Sounds like you and mom are gonna have a blast. Eat something good for me!
This week has been an interesting one for us. A lot of our positive investigators that were progressing started school or started working so it has been really hard to find time to teach them and for them to come to church.  So that has been pretty frustrating for us. However, we have found a couple new people this week that are looking pretty promising. 
One new one that we found is named L____. I knew you'd like that, Mom.  She is super cool! She just turned 20 this past week and has a 4 year old daughter. She is good friends with a few members so we have been able to teach her at their house and we have had some great lessons.  She lives with her Mother-in-law and she is super catholic so that's the problem she is dealing with right now. Her husband was baptized when he was younger but he doesn't go to church now.  She is smart and understands the lessons so we're pumped to see what happens with her. 
Elder R and I are getting along great.  He is such a funny kid and we are always laughing at something.  It is so much fun to be comps with a gringo. Little by little we have been cleaning parts of the house so it doesn't look so bad.  President is coming around the mission to check the houses so we have to clean it really good.  Mom, I now am understanding how stressful and annoying it must have been, and still is, to have to clean up after 5 boys. We can make a big mess! It's tough to keep the house clean, but we're trying to get better at it.

Well have a great week guys.  I love ya all and miss ya tons! I'm sorry, I can't send pictures.  The computer is not letting me for some reason. But I'll send a bunch next week hopefully! 
Love you all! Va pue salud!

Elder Thorpe

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