Thursday, August 1, 2013

Another week down!

Hola Mi Familia!
I can't believe another week has gone by since I last wrote you!  The days and weeks are flying by now.  I'll be in the field before you know it!  It's also getting a little easier now, the spanish is still very hard, but I think I am slowly progressing more and more each day.  The teaching is what is most difficult.  It is hard to understand what the investigator, mi companero and the Spirit are all saying, but I am getting better!
I'm glad that Jace's farewell went good!  Haha, that is definitely something he would say.  He will love it out there!  Congrats on the baseball Nick and Jantsen!  Sounds like you boys did some work out there!  I taught you everything you know!  Jants, that is so sick to hear about football!  I liked playing Freshman ball because you create a pretty great bond with all those kids that are your age and that will be your teammates your senior year.  I am so proud of you, bud, your work ethic is so much better than mine was, you will be an incredible athlete during these next 4 years and I am so happy I get to see the last two!
Nick, I am so bummed I can't see your first year of tackle!  You will wreck some kids!  Have a blast playing tho, I know you will love it!  Brooks, I'm bummed I won't see your first year of flag too!   You will be really good at running fast and stealing people's flags.  Haha!  That describes you to a T!  I am so proud of all three of you and the young men you are becoming.  I could not have asked for better brothers!   Mom and Dad, I hope things are still going great.  I'm sure they are.  Thank you for the Crystal Light!!  It tastes like home!  Keep those coming!  Derek Boyer is coming to this MTC??  I don't think I knew that!  Man, I am so pumped to see him!  A package would be incredible, if you could send some pictures of like our house, the yard and the mountains! Haha!  Our latino elders want to see how grande ouyr montanas are!  And I miss seeing them.   Just some american snacks would be cool too, although I am really starting to like the candy and treats they have here.  I'll try to send you guys some!
I would love to print my emails off, however, so would 450 other missionaries and unfortunately there is only one printer.  So it is currently out of ink and who knows when they will get more for it.  So I just hang onto the letters you send me!  I love them!  We get on here to email whenever we have time on our p-day so I can't tell you the exact time.  I'm happy to hear that my car door is getting fixed!  Now that I am gone for dos anos.  Muchos gracias!  Haha, send me a pic when it is fixed!  Hope ol' Pearl is holding up while I'm gone.  I'm sure she has been devastated ever since I left.  Tell her I love her and I will be back soon!
Dad, thanks for the words of your companion.  I really like them!  I will definitely use it!  I think I need to start setting some higher goals for myself, so "El señor proveera" is perfect for helping me achieve those.
I sure miss all of you and wish I could be back home to see you three boys dominate the gridiron, but I have some very important work that is waiting for me out here.  Some families are waiting and wanting desperately to have the type of relationship and love that we have with each other and I am so excited to be a part of bringing that to them!  I am starting to see what true happiness is and it is found in having charity and love for others.  I can't express how excited I am to teach real investigadores even if they won't understand what I say.  They will understand El Espiritu Santo and that is all that matters!
Miss you muy mucho!  Love you even more tho!


Elder P.R.Thorpe

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