Thursday, August 8, 2013

Feeling a little more like home...

Que pasa familia,
How are we doing this week?  I can tell you that your son and brother, Elder Thorpe, down here in Mexico is doing fantastic!  I have felt the Spirit so strong this week and have realized that it may be very hard for me to leave this place here in dos semanas.  As much as I want to be in the field, I really do love this MTC and the people inside of it.  I'm not sure when we leave yet, but we are all pretty sure it is Wednesday the 21st.  Nobody really knows because none of the "Gringo" missionaries have left yet.  So I guess we'll see!
I'm happy to hear that Powell was fun!  I bet the Spruce Goose was SICK.  I'm jealous!  Did Brooks have a good birthday?  Have you gotten my letters yet??  We had some interesting things happen this week.  Tuesday was eventful, we had an earthquake!  However, nobody felt anything.  The alarms went off and everyone had to go outside to the safe zones, but you couldn't actually feel it.  Later that night though, we had the hardest rain we have had yet!  It hailed a little bit.  The sidewalks and streets were literally ponds.  I'm happy to say that my shoes really are waterproof though, so that was reassuring.  My suit, however, is not.  I am having it dry cleaned this week which I am a little worried about because the dry cleaning place is just a cardboard box that this guy brings in that says "Dry Cleaning" on it.  You pay him 30 pesos and then pray that your suit will come back to you the next day.  I haven't done it yet, but I desperately need it.
Derek Boyer made it safe and sound!  I saw him yesterday and got the package from him, Thank-you for sending it!  Everything you sent is awesome, and I love the ties!  I never thought I would be so happy to receive two new ties for my birthday!  Also, me and my roommates really enjoyed the homemade cookies, Mom!  Mucho Gracias!  Turns out Devin Gillies is here as well, and Tommy Merrel, another kid from school!  It was a great surprise to see them yesterday!  They all had the same look on their faces though, haha!  A lot like the one I'm sure I had on my first day here.  Like, what am I doing here.  But they will get through it and it gets much better!
I forgot to tell you last week that I got a little sick, I had kind of a bad cold.  A headache, sore throat.  But it only lasted about 3 days and now I'm doing great!  Nothing I couldn't handle.  I'm happy to hear about the 5k!  Thanks for representing me, haha!
The language is getting there, still pretty difficult.  But I almost have the First Vision memorized in Espanol so I'm excited about that.  Elder Rowberry and I have decided to memorize the hymns we sing here, we have been told that that helps a lot with the Spanish.  Did I tell you that we are not allowed to listen to any music here?  The MTC President told us we can't use our iPods or cd players while we're here.  That has been very unfortunate, but has also made me appreciate music so much more!  I can't wait to listen to some.
Well I am going to have to end this email now por que we have lunch to go to and the other district in our zone challenged our district to an ultimate frisbee game.  Kind of a big deal!   So I need to go stretch and stuff.
I love you all so much, and am so grateful for you!  Talk to you soon!
Love, Elder P.R.Thorpe

This is one of the jerseys we found in the gym.  The school's old Bball jersey!  Yep, I'm keeping one.

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