Monday, October 21, 2013

A great P-Day hike, with a little sadness...

Hola Familia,

Jantsen, I cannot describe how jealous I am right now!!!!!!!!!!! You freaking stud, where did you guys go? Probably not the cabin because we never see anything up there haha.  Dang, proud of ya bud! It's a little guy, but you got em! I have been thinking of the deer hunt a lot lately and I am so mad I can't go!! We woke up early this morning to go hike up this mountain that is in our area.  We woke up at 5, it reminded me of the deer hunt. 
Actually, we too had a dead animal today.  But, it was definitely not a deer.  The hike up the mountain was fun and I have some way cool pictures! But once we came back down and stopped by a Pupusaria to eat breakfast, things changed for the worst.  Remember that pregnant dog I told you all about? Chachi? She has been following us everyday ever since I got here.  She lives in the street, but knows that we are representatives of Christ and that if she follows us, she will feel the spirit! Elder G says she follows us because she can see our garments haha. Anyways, we were waiting for our pupusas when Elder G saw her lying in the street right behind us.  She had followed us up and down the mountain.  We didn't see or hear anything, but Chachi got ran over.  We noticed she wasn't moving and went over to check her out and, yeah. It was a sad morning after that.  I know we aren't supposed to have pets on the mission, but she really felt like part of the fam! It will be weird not having her behind us everywhere we go.
Sorry for that depressing news.  But on a brighter note, thank you so much for the email! I really am doing a lot better.  I have followed your guys advice and have really tried to be more positive, to serve other people when I feel down and especially when I don't want to.  I try hard to do everything I am supposed to and have exact obedience.  I have realized that I need to go through these hard times because the people I teach and will teach will feel the same way I have.  When they make those huge changes in their lives and come into a church where they don't know anything, it is just like me coming to a new country and not knowing anything.  They will probably feel very alone, just like I have.  They will need to totally rely on the Lord and have perfect faith, just like I am trying to do.  
I have grown so much closer to this Gospel and the Savior these past few weeks.  I have learned that we don't recieve a testimony until after the trial of our faith. (Ether 12:6) It is so true! I still have so much to learn, but it is getting better.  I have felt your prayers and love for me so much! Thank you! 
Mom, I know what you mean. I ask the Lord to help me know and to testify to me of the truthfulness of these things every day.  

I recieved a letter from Mom and Care this week, so I'm guessing the others are this week.  I hope so! 
Alright, I gotta go.  I will send some pictures here in a bit! I love you all so much and miss you too! 

Elder Thorpe

This is on top of the mountain.  

This was about 20 minutes before she died.  Sad day and I am glad I took this picture.

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