Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween for a missionary...

Hey Fam!!

Thanks a bunch for the email! Love hearing from you guys every week.  I’m glad you got my letter, momma! Haha hope you liked it.  I haven’t received any packages yet, but it sounds like a few are on their way. Thank you so much!! Hey what’s Easton’s email? I bet he’s doing just great, he’s a stud! The pictures look like a lot of fun! Man, I’d love some of those cookies! And that is sweet that the Red Sox won!! I bet the fam is pretty stoked about that.  Nick and Brooks, you guys look awesome!

Jants, dang it man. That sucks about the play off game.  I know how it feels to lose a heartbreaker to MM.  That’s a pretty nasty taste in your mouth, huh? But, you can use that taste to your advantage and work your butt off in the off season and come back next year with some hunger and fire!
Brooks bore his testimony about me? Ah thanks dude! It is very true, I may be a long ways away from home, but I really can feel your love and support when you pray for me! I hope you can feel mine as well. It looks like halloween was a blast for everyone! It was pretty chill here, I saw some scary things but I see those things everyday haha.  I did see one kid in a scream costume, but that was it! However, we had a bunch of members feed us dinner this week.  I have gained a few pounds haha.  The YW of the ward here had a baking night on saturday and gave us a big carrot cake and some other way good pastries.  But it was fast Sunday so we had to wait until lunch on Sunday to eat them.  But it was worth the wait!

I had a pretty interesting and humbling experience yesterday.  Mom, I am telling you this to show you that I am being protected and watched over out here, and that you don’t have to worry! Anyways, yesterday we had an appointment with M and her daughter and 7pm. We got there a little late from another app we had so we wanted to be quick with them so we could get to our dinner app at 8.  Haha we were starving. M and especially her daughter, like to talk a lot, which we usually enjoy.   It was about 8:40 by the time we left.  I was a little frustrated because I didn’t think we would have time to get to dinner and I had been looking forward to this dinner all week! Haha so we finally left and basically ran to the house where dinner was.  We were relieved to find E. Nielson and E Garcia just starting to eat so we didn’t miss it.  But, we later found out that 2 gangs had gotten into it a little ways away from this house.  There was a shooting and 2 people are seriously injured.  Supposedly nobody died, which is good.  But it was a wake up call for me and I was suddenly so grateful for the long lesson we had because we were able to get to dinner safely because we left after the shooting had occurred.  Hah, kinda scary! But don’t worry, everything is fine and I really am being watched over here.

Nickel, I sent a letter that will hopefully get there soon for your birthday on Saturday! Take him out to Brick oven or Olive garden for me haha! and for christmas, we are able to skype! But E. Nielson said that last year, skype wasn’t very good so he did it with his family on Google hangout? If you guys could make me an account on both skype and google hangout, and then make you guys an account as well, we can try both.   I’ll try to find out as much info as I can this next month about it. Oh, mom I have a song for you to look up! Its called Bless My Son by the National Tribute Band.  You will probably cry when you hear it, but it is so good. They have a lot of good songs!! I am trying to transfer some onto my ipod through another member’s itunes today, hope it works!

Thanks for the thoughts from Pres Monson, dad.  All of the stuff you send me has been an incredible help, and I read your letters and quotes often.  The language is  frustrating.  I am better with it and can communicate better, but I just want to understand everything already! I know it will come, but it is just so frustrating.

I gotta go, but my info on my camera is right here.  The camera is a Coolpix S5200 and the SD card is a Sandisk 8gb.  Hope that helps! If you need more info just let me know. Oh, and yes I can take video! That would be sweet if you could send me videos of you guys! 

Okay, I hope you all have an amazing week and Nick, HAPPY BIRTHDAY on Saturday!! Love you buddy!! 
I love you all, talk to you soon! 
Had my 2nd Baptism this past wednesday! It was pretty great! Here is a picture.

Happy Halloween!

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