Monday, November 18, 2013

Transfer week...

Hola Mi amoroso familia!

What a week this has been.  Changes were... changes.  I am still in good old Rio Zarco, but my new companion is Elder H.  He is also from Mexico.  Haha funny thing, Elder S. got bumped up to Zone Leader so he is still in the house with us! Only Elder G left.  It has been an extremely challenging week though.   We had another Elder with us yesterday, Elder Larson, and he helped us with our appointments and then our planning at night.  He is awesome and is from Utah, too.  He told me that this next month will be rough because I am the one taking the initiative and I can barely speak Spanish, but he also said I could do it. 
  I got all of your packages, thank you so much for those! One package from Gma y Gpa Thorpe and Gpa told me to stop complaining about how hard it is out here (haha) and to tell you guys what I am seeing out here.  He's right.  I am trying my best out here, and just hoping that the Lord will take care of the rest.  
We have an investigadora who is very positive.  She lives alone with her 2 daughters.  She is so awesome! Always happy, and the only person that I have seen in this country with an Iphone, other than Presidente Cordon haha.  She reminds me so much of all of my aunts!  I feel like she would fit in with the fam.  She has a friend from work who is the one that gave us her info as a reference and she has just loved all of the lessons.  We set a goal for baptism with her this past week for the 24th of this month, and really are praying for her to accept the date! She says that she prayed about it and I think she said she had a dream that she was dressed in white and there was a lot of people around and was in the chapel.  I'm not 100% sure because I still can't understand everything, but I was pretty excited when she said that.  So I hope that becomes a reality for her! 
So yes, the packages were awesome!!! I got the new backpack and wow, that thing is going to last me the next 2 years, and maybe 10 more after that haha!  It's pretty sturdy! Muchisimos Gracias! I got two more. One from Gparents and the other from Caroline.  Full of goodies and treats!! Ah man it was awesome. Care sent me a lot of sour candy and said it was to help me with "the Gift of Tongues" haha she is the best.  Gma y Gpa Thorpe made me way jealous that they are spending so much time at the cabin! But I'm glad that they are taking good care of it.

I am sooooo homesick and jealous for the SD trip this week!! I wish I could be going so bad!! It will be such a blast, and yeah (haha) be sure to wear those safety glasses!! Nickel, I can't believe youre gonna shoot this year.  Man, you're old! Be careful, and have a blast for me! Brooksie! Have a ton of fun with mom and go see a movie and get some ice cream for me!

I gotta go now, but I love yall so much and miss ya like crazy! 
Talk to ya next week!
Elder P.R.Thorpe

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