Monday, December 9, 2013

Another P-day is here!

Muchisimos gracias por todos sus palabras y sus cartas! Love reading them every monday.  Ah, haha you liked the all spanish letter? Figured you would! Yeah, it's coming along.  I still struggle with some different words and tenses, but I can communicate much better! Doesn't feel like it sometimes because everyone else here talks a million miles a minute haha but I really am improving.  I have been thinking a lot about the weather and how I miss the cold. I do miss it, but I realized that after two days back in the freezing cold, I would be dying to be back here sweating my butt off! Elder Nielson, my ZL, says that he hates the cold now.  The 2 weeks that we had of some colder weather was miserable for him.  That might be me in a year! 
Yeah Hma Nancy said that she put the picture on FB.  The food was a big green chile pepper stuffed with some meat and other stuff I don't know, then fried! Haha it is really good. She's a great cook, and she loves us missionaries like we were her own sons! She has a hard time with transfers.
 We find out who has changes tomorrow morning.  The probability is that it will be me that leaves good ol Rio Zarco.  Maybe elder Nielson, too.  Ahh I really don't want to leave cuz I have just gotten used to everything here and I love all of the members! Especially for this time of year, haha it sounds like each family wants us to come over for some sort of treat for christmas.  But, if it's time for me to fly the coop, esta bien.

I won't know about the Skype or Google Hangout until after transfers. We have to find a member that first, has a computer, and second, has a computer with a camera.  There are a few in Rio Zarco that have one, but if I get transferred I'll have to find someone.  So I'll let you know about that next week hopefully! 
So, this week was pretty alright! We finally got this family to come to church! well, just the two kids.  The mom is soo positive and loves the lessons, and so does the 2 kids! We haven't been able to talk to the dad, but the mom says he is muy duro.  He has a hard heart.  But man, they actually keep the commitments we give them! They read in the LDM when they can, and if they didn't read before our next visit, haha they are scared and really sorry to tell us.  The other problem with them is that they aren't married.  Ugh.  The dad wants to get married, but the mom doesn't have much of a desire to.  But, we had an awesome lesson with her on how important the family unit is and how through marriage and being sealed in the temple can make it possible for familias to live together forever.  She was pretty touched by it and it really made her think.  So were hoping she changes her mind this week! 
We still haven't been able to find B... we are gonna pass by tonight again.  That woman and her daughter need to get baptized! They are already members haha! I am praying hard that things work out for her and we can talk to her.  Things are going pretty good here! We have found a couple other people that seem fairly positive so I think we have potential for a White Christmas  this month! Our goal as a mission is to have 200 baptisms this month.  Right now the potential is around 135 so, were getting there!
Jants is playin with the big boys?! Atta babe! Keep up the good work ya stud! 
Oh hey, tell Darin Lesuer that a lot of missionaris here have the lower lights music, and they all love it! They all think I'm pretty cool when I said that the drummer was in my ward haha! Have fun at the concert!
Okay, I'll look for Elder Philips.  I know how he feels! I hope I can run into him sometime soon! 
Alrighty, I love ya all and I'll talk to ya next week! Good luck in the BBall tourney this weekend! 
Love ya!

Elder Thorpe

Familias Fuertes! Sombody drew this on the wall!

Beautiful El Salvador!

This is a Platino.  The smaller one is a just regular banana.  The people eat this things all the time.  They cut um up and fry em in a pan! SOOOO GOOD.  

All of us missionaries waiting to write our familias! We have 4 computers that work so we have to wait awhile sometimes.

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