Monday, December 16, 2013

Se acerca la Navidad!! (Christmas is coming!)


Snow in St George?! Elder Nielson and I both are very surprised at that! Looks pretty cold... Haha looks like December! Sure doesn't feel like December down here, it has been mid 80s all week and it is supposed to hit 90 on Friday.  Dang… I'd love a little cool breeze if you guys could some of that cold down this way! Glad to hear Jants had fun at the tourney!
Okay so for Christmas, we have some members who have a camera on their comp so were gonna talk Christmas morning! Not sure exactly what time yet, I'll let you know next week.  Elder Nielson says Google hangouts is the best but yeah, send me the info for both skype and google hangouts if you can! 

I got 5 packages this week.  Haha 5 packages and a whole bunch of comments as I walked out of the door of the transfer meeting with my arms full of mail.  I am so loved it is unbelievable! I got the Christmas card! Looks awesome! And also the liahonas and newspaper about the MTC.  I called Elder Rowberry and told him he was in it, he was way excited! I'm gonna take it to our mission christmas party and show him this week.  Thank you for the liahonas! But, haha we get them every month so you don't need to send them to me. :] But thank you! 
I got a package from The Ollerton family as well! Ah man, I love it! Thank you Ollertons!!!!! I need to email Easton soon! Hope all of you are doing well! I also got a package from Caroline, but haven't opened it yet because I think I should wait until Christmas! Thank you all so much, I can't even comprehend or understand why I have so many incredible people in my life! Love you all!

Yes, we had changes but I am still in Rio Zarco!!! I'm excited, I love it here and am so glad I get to spend the Holidays here! My new comp is a freaking stud from Honduras, Elder N.  He has 22 months in the mission so he will go home the next time we have changes.  I am so happy he is my comp because we get along so well, along with the 2 Zone Leaders, and he has so much experience so I get to learn a ton from him!! Haha he's a funny guy. 
Things are real good here! I just keep going. :] Haha.  WE FINALLY TALKED TO B!!!! We found her in the street last week and she was just as happy as ever! She asked why we hadn't come by in awhile.  We talked with her again the other night and she still knows every thing is true.  She just wants a little more time to think about bautismo.   I think she feels pressured a little bit.  And its true, we as missionaries pressure the heck out of people, but the people just don't understand the incredible blessings that are gonna come with their decision to be baptized.  We just recieved the numbers for this month and we have a potential of 206 baptisms as a mission!!! Ah man I sure hope we get em all.  I also hope I can contribute! Rio Zarco has been struggling lately... hope it pĂ­cks up for us! Were working hard!

Well the fam looks fantastic! Brooks lost a tooth huh? Thank goodness.  I thought at first that he cut his chin open again.  Haha way ta go bud! Mom, you look fantastic! There were some members that saw my photos of my fam and they kept saying, "Su mama es super bonita! Y super joven!" I was like, really? you think so?? hahahah no no just kidding mom, its the truth!! You are beautiful! And kinda young too. ;] 

Thats sweet that they used my quote and Nicks!! Hahah I like it! Oh and I love gma and gpa Faux's christmas card haha! Kirsti looks great! What's her email???  Yeah karson sent me an email about his papers! AHH I'm pumped for him.  He's gonna come to Santa Ana!!! I know it! And tell Connor to look for Devin Gillies when he gets to the field, that's where he's at too! But yeah, Connor will love the MTC! Happy for him!
Alrighty, well I am glad that you are all doing great.  Love you all tons and I'll talk to ya next week! 

Elder Thorpe

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