Monday, January 6, 2014

Little Miracles...

Check out this banana tree!  We should get one for our house!


Su misionero es super bien! Juela mama, su español es increible! Esta seguro que no uso Google Translate? Jajaja no no, bromas.  Entonces su año nuevo fue todo bien? Estoy feliz que todos estan bien y feliz! SI, yo puedo entender casi todos las palabras que escribio.  Gracias mamá! Te amo!

Translated this says: Your missionary is super good! Sweet Mama, your Spanish is incredible! Are you sure you do not use Google Translate? Hahaha no no jokes. So your new year was all right? I'm glad you all are well and happy! Yes, I can understand almost all the words you wrote. Thank you Mom! I love you!

I'm loving the spanish mom, keep it up and we'll be able to communicate when I get home! I might need someone to talk to in spanish because my mind is slowly converting over to spanish now.  I still have soo much more to learn, but the other day we were teaching a family and the kids asked me to pray at the end, but in english.  I was like, yeah hey that would be cool! So I started to pray and man, it was hard to remember what words to say in english! It was my first prayer that I have said out loud since the MTC in english, so naturally I wanted to just say everything in spanish.  Haha pretty nuts. 
So the boys all went out partyin for new years and you guys have become the boring parents who just sit at home and probably go to bed at like 1030?  Nah just kidding, your not that boring. New Years for us was CRAZY.  It was basically a regular day but we had to be in our house before 9pm because its a little more dangerous at night here on the holidays.  The people here celebrate with a million home made fireworks, like I said on christmas.  It's basically little bombs that they make and there was soo many on new years eve.  It was like we were living in the middle of a war zone! It was pretty cool!

Haha, no that picture was the kitchen of hma nancy.  Her son can paint like a G! He does graffiti all the time and so all her walls have stuff from him.  Crazy right? Her kitchen is like, half inside and half outside. That's how all the houses are here.  So hma nancy saw my video of mr springville... ohh boy.  I have gotten a lot of crap about my dancing haha.  She liked it! 
Well your prayers have been heard! We found this guy named J.C.  He is 71 and he has really liked our lessons.  He really wants to start this new year by changing his bad habits and living better.  We were like, oh dude, we have the perfect thing for you! It's called the atonement and through this you can change all of the problems you might have and live your life closer to God.  He was really interested about it and said that he would come to church so we were all excited! We passed by his house to walk with him to church yesterday and he wasn't home.  We were so upset because 2 days before he was so positive and wanted to go.  We walked back to church with one other investigator and sat down with him.  About 10 minutes into sacrament mtg, we saw this guy up front that we had never seen in church before, but we couldn't see his face. Then he turned for a second and sure enough, it was J! He thought church started at 8 so he was there at like 7.50 ready to go! Man, this guy is so cool.  Last night we invited him to be baptized and he said he wouldn't commit to a date, but he does want to change and continue talking with us.  But were gonna put a date with him this week, I'm pretty sure!
We had another cool experience with a blessing last week.  We were asked to give a blessing to this lady and so I was like, yeah absolutely lets do it! I knew that Elder Nuñez had his oil container with him so I thought we were good.  Elder Nuñez kept looking at me all weird and then asked me if I had oil.  I was like, no, but you have yours.  So he took it out and I put the oil on her head, then we gave her a blessing and all was good.  We left the house and Elder Nuñez was like, dude, I haven't had oil in my container for 3 weeks.  I know that there wasn't any oil in there! He said that he said a quick prayer before he opened his container that there could be enough oil for a blessing and sure enough, there was! It was sick! 
Yeah, we heard that the volcano erupted but it didn't effect us at all! Sounds like it was pretty cool tho.

ATTA BOY KARS!!!! Man I am so proud of that kid!! Hes gonna love it there! Elder Sanchez just said that it is really beautiful there.  And I can talk with him in spanish when he gets home! Hahah that is awesome.  Love the pics!

Glad everyone is doing good! I would like to tell you all that I started my "winter" workouts today and went and threw the baseball around with elder nielson.  The first of january and its 85 degrees! Lovin it!
Talk to you all next week! Love ya!

Elder Thorpe

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