Monday, January 13, 2014

El Salvador has the BEST food!

This is the kind of sandwiches that they eat here.  Big chunk of chicken and loaded with everything and then topped with gravy!  SO GOOD!

Hey Guys!

Sounds like everyone is doing great! Thats what I like to hear. I keep forgetting that its cold there, haha its blazing hot down here.  Pretty nice! Good to hear that Connor is on his way out! He will love the MTC.  I heard from new kids here that it has gotten much better since I left and not so chaotic.  Yeah, the language sucks at first.  The MTC is rough because all it is is spanish.  I never thought I would learn spanish but, woah, 5 months later and I can now communicate with people! My thoughts are starting to transfer over and come out as spanish now.  I am definitely dreaming in spanish now! I had 2 this past week haha.  So tell Connor and Ryan that the language really does come eventually! But it feels like it never will.  I absolutely love that I have only had native comps.  I have been forced to learn the language and honestly, I believe that is the only way to do it.  Idk how things work in those state missions, but both of them will be just fine.

Its true mom, I see little mircles and tender mercies from our Heavenly Father everyday. Sometimes its just a nice cool breeze when I am sweating my butt off in the middle of a lesson.  Its awesome to be a missionary! Such hard work, but many great rewards! Ah man, Jose is so good! He came to church yesterday and loved it! We talked to him last night and at the end of the lesson, he said the prayer! I know that's not much, but for him it was a huge change! We always asked him to pray before and he would say, Oh no, I'm not ready right now, I need more time to prepare.  But we asked him today and he sat and thought for awhile, but he said it! I was so happy and proud of him!  He has a date for baptism on the 26, so I hope that all works out! It'll be a good baptism for dad's Bday.  We have this other family that we are teaching that are really positive too.  The familia Lopez.  The dad has 3 kids, 2 boys and a girl, and they are way into soccer. It reminds me of our fam so much because we are always working our appointments around his work and their soccer schedule.  Dad, this guy is you if you were El Salvadoreño and didnt have the gospel.  He works hard to support his family and he is just funny and really nice guy.  He has come to church the past 2 weeks and loves it.  He raised his hand in our sunday school class yesterday and bore a little testimony that he has seen a change in his attitude and life since we had begun teaching him.  That made me feel like a champ! The kids aren't as excited as he is, but they're comin along!

We are all doing good here! Elder Nuñez goes home Feb 6.  SO send that package quick. :) Also, if you could send a little Oil container too? They don't sell them down here.  That would be awesome!

 Yeah, my showers are always cold.  I haven't touched warm water since the MTC! It's kinda rough... But I just jump in and get used to it pretty quick. 

Thats good news about the new football facility! That will be sweet hope it all works out. Jants, dang dude sounds like you're doing it all! Haha! Atta boy.  If you ever feel overwhelmed or stressed, just take a break for bit! And relax.  

Love the pics of the pupuseria! I bet it was good! A pupusa for $1.60?? Thats expensive! I just ate 4 this morning and it cost me $1.20.  They are only 30 cents each down here! I'm keeping track of how much I eat, I'm at 104 pupusas right now.  It's not too much, I need to step up my game!

Well I love ya all and hope you have a great week!!

Elder Thorpe

More pics of lunch at Hermana Nancy's house.

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