Monday, February 10, 2014

A little more responsibility...

Hey Family!!!

What's with everyone getting hurt?? Jeff with the heart attack and Gma with the snowmobiling crash? Take it easy back there!! Jeff is way to young to be having heart attacks, and Gma is way too skilled of a driver to crash! But I'm glad that they are doing well now!  I bet you are all still busy with basketball, that's sweet! Ah baseball is about to start?? man, seems like I was just back there playing.  I'm excited to hear how all of that goes! Fill me in! Mom that is awesome that you are still getting to the temple every week.  So proud of you! And I love that you love being there!!  

So yeah, had some big changes this week.  Elder Nunez is now at home with his fam, haha just got an email from him.  He was awesome, we had some really funny times! Elder Nielson had changes as well, so he isn't in the house anymore.  The new ZL is Elder Hansen, from Orem, Utah.  He is a cool kid, and he says that he knows Ryan Morrin! Elder Sanchez is still here with me, haha on to our 7th month in the same house and area.  SO I received a little more responsibility this change.  I went to the changes meeting only expecting to get a new companion because they have a trainers meeting every Saturday before changes for all the people that are training and I didn't have to go to that so I knew I wasn't training.  We were sitting in the chapel waiting to start and about 2 minutes before we started, one of the Assistants came up to me and said, "hey your training, did you know that?" I was like, uh nope! So he pulled me out and he said, "we need you to train", then gave me a 30 second run down on what I need to do.  Haha he was like, just do the best ya can, pray hard and hope for the best. Good luck! I was kind of freaking out a bit... So yeah, I am currently a trainer and district leader.  My new comp, (or my child, as they call it here in the mission) is Elder C, from Nicaragua.  He is a stud, reminds me a bit of Karson! He was a seminary teacher for two years before his mission so he knows a ton of stuff.  So really, I feel like he is training me.  He loves to teach and is excited to work.   We have had a good first week of work together, we put a baptism date with a kid named I. O.   I.'s girlfriend lives with him and is pregnant. She is a member, but hasn't been active for a long time.  I. has started to read the Book of Mormon on his own! I was pumped when he said that.  We had a way cool lesson with them.  We first talked about the importance of families and how they can be together forever through the temple.  We explained the temple a bit and then put a goal for them to enter the temple as a family in one year from now.  They said that they wanted to do that so then we explained that in order for them to enter, I. has to be baptized.  We invited him to be baptized on the 22 of this month.  He was pretty nervous about it at first, and wasn't sure.  We kept talking to him and asked 2 more times, He then nodded his head and said yes.  It was cool! Now the trick is just getting them to come to church.  
R. and his family are still doing good, we invited them to be baptized as well, but they wouldn't accept it.  We told them to pray about it so were going to go visit them tonight and see how the prayers went! Hope they got an answer.  

Hey so I got the SD card and all, but I can't see the pictures or videos on my camera.  Not sure why.  But I can see them on the computer here in the church when we write every monday.  I haven't seen it all yet but man, all of the boys look great out there on the football field!! Made me so proud! Jants looked freaking old, especially playing basketball! Haha I love that you sent the video of the basketball shot haha thank you! And I was laughing so hard of the video of when Brooks started crying hahahah! Looks like not much has changed over there! 

Mom, thank you very much for that quote, I needed to hear that this week! 

I love you all so much, and miss ya like crazy!! Have an awesome week, and Valentine's Day! 

Elder P.R.Thorpe

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