Monday, February 24, 2014

Mondays. Are. The. Best.

Family! I Love you all dearly!! You have no idea!!!

Mom and dad, thank you so much for the emails.  I have said this a million times, but I really don't know what I did to get such incredible parents! Thank you!! I am happy to hear that things are going well for everyone back home.  Excited to get started with baseball? I sure am, haha and I won't even see any of it!! It has been very hot the past few days and it has reminded me a ton of the Sunshine tourney.  Goodness, I miss Baseball! But I have learned a lot this week, and have learned even more in the past 10 minutes from reading all of your emails! 

I have felt better this week, and we have seen some success! Nothing too big, but some success none the less! We got 2 references from some members this week and they have been very positive.  One mom with a 5 year old daughter and she is excited to learn more! She couldn't come to church this week, but the next week she is committed! The other one was a 71 year old lady that is super evangelic.  But she likes to listen to "la palabra de Dios" so she was more than happy to talk to us, but it ended up being her doing most of the talking.  Good heavens, I was trying so hard to explain the restoration to her, but she would not stop talking! But, we got a few points across and she came to church yesterday! She loved it, too! SO were hoping that that keeps going well for us.  
We had a good lesson with R and his family this week too.  A couple actually.  By dangit, this family is going to get baptized!! I sure hope it is before I leave this area.  R is so flippin close but still has these doubts.  We talked a bunch about faith and how he doesn't need to know everything to be baptized.  He and his wife committed to read 3 Nephi 11 together and to pray so I really am praying hard that they do it.  
We also had a good lesson with I. O. in the house of a member.  It was definitely the spirit working earlier in the day when we decided to have the lesson with this member.  The dad of the family had some awesome input for I. and it really got him thinking.  Hoping that keeps moving too!

Dad and mom, thank you both so much for the emails.  Dad, I can't express how much I appreciate your advice.  You are my hero! You always have been! Haha I've always wanted to be just like my dad, and it helps me so much to hear your own experiences from your mission.    Thank you so much! I'm glad you sent that in dear elder, too. 

Have an awesome week family! The church is true! This gospel is the greatest blessing that we can ever have and I am so grateful to have been born into it! I love my Savior, and I love being his representative! 

Love you all!! Talk soon!

Elder Thorpe
We did some machete chopping.

This is where some people come to get their water.  We helped a lady get hers.

Check out the bamboo trees!

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