Monday, March 3, 2014

Lovin' the Zarc!

Hey Fam!!
Sounds like we have had a pretty exciting week!! The girls took state, again?!? Hahah dang that is so sweet! Congrats to them! Jants, your a goon dude haha.  Looks like I taught you pretty well with the dressing up for games! Did you wear that to the state game? Brooks! You've got glasses?? They look sweet man! Hah, who knew that you needed glasses! Glad everyone is doing great! Dad, sounds like the overnighter at Heber valley was a blast haha.  Hope that you're having a great time in Arizona, maybe its a bit warmer down there! Dang I'm jealous that you can go to that spring training game! R invited us to a soccer game of the main team here in Santa Ana, I wanted to go soooo bad.  But yeah no, we can't.  Also, Jants that pic on insta that you put looks sweet! Haha I don't remember taking that one! And who was the valentines from?  

This week was pretty sweet for us here in the Zarc! (I like the name mom!) SO I think I told you all about J. F.  She was a referencia and is way positive.  She went to church last week and loved it! We went to her house last monday night and before we could even get a word into the conversation, she said, "I absolutely love this church.  This is the true church I know it with all my heart." Elder C and I were both in complete shock.  She then said, "I want to get baptized in this true church and I want you to baptize me!" And she pointed at me! Haha I couldn't get any words out of my mouth for a couple seconds, I was just so shocked. But she now has a date for the 15 of march, but I think we might move it up a week to the 9 because she doesn't want to wait! Haha and neither do we! She really has been prepared by the Lord.  Man it was a cool experience.  We had another good lesson with R, too.  He knows everything! Just is still timid when it comes to baptism.  But we told him to pray specifically about the Book of Mormon to see if it is true, and he said he would.  He likes to read it and everything, I just can't quite figure out why he won't accept the date! But he's getting there.  We found 4 new families to teach this week.  They're not the most positive, but they want to know more! We found 15 new investigators this week haha, it was sweet.  Hope a lot of them progress! 
Dad I love that story from President Wilding.  I have been reading a lot in PMG about the definition of "Success" as a missionary.  Mom your story relates to this, too! If we are obedient and teach with the spirit, we are successful.  We can't control people's decisions, just have to put it all in the Lord's hands.  He has a plan that is perfect! Most of the time, we just can't see it.  That's when the faith comes in! Man, I love this Gospel.
Well, I hope you all have an incredible week! I'll talk to you all soon!
Love you all!!

Elder Thorpe

Oh I also got your letters!! I am sending some to y'all this week! ALso got the Jordans pkg!! Thank you Jordan family!!! 
Oh mom, I have a few requests.  I need some Eye drops, my eyes are kinda bugging me from all the dust we have down here.  ALso, some hair gel.  The axe kind if you can! and a picture of my own baptism! And maybe some tootsie pops.  Those sound good. :) Haha love ya!

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