Monday, March 10, 2014

Families Are Forever!

Hola Familia!!!
Como estamos esta semana?! Sounds like everything is going pretty good.  Ah man I am so jealous that you all are headed down to sunshine this week! I hope you guys have some good weather.  
That is so crazy to hear about Chris Starkey.  And so sad.  How is the family doing? That has to be so hard.  But it is a comforting reminder to know that we really can live with our family forever, and that death only seperates us for a little while.  We had a lesson with R this past week and his family and we watched Together Forever.  (What an awful show for missionaries to watch) But for families it is great! However, the freaking DVD player wouldn't let us put it into spanish so we watched it in english and I did my best to translate it.  Haha that wasn't easy... But I realized that my spanish has gotten a little bit better! And they were able to understand the majority of what the movie talks about.  I showed the picture of your wedding infront of the temple, mom and dad, and explained how we really can be together forever and how grateful I am to have parents that have been sealed in the temple so that I can live with them and my entire family forever.  It was a powerful lesson! This family is so stinkin close to accepting the baptismal invitation. I can't quite figure out what else they need... but we have transfers next week so I am going to do all I possibly can this week to put a date with that family! If I leave, I want to leave with them having a date to be baptized! 
J. F. is literally an angel.  She is so ready to be dunked! I keep thinking that it is way to good to be true and that we are going to find some huge problem with her, but with everything we teach, she just loves it and keeps saying how pure this church is and that it really is the church of Christ.  Haha! The only small funny thing that we found out yesterday is that she doesn't believe that there is a father's day. She said that the gringos in the US celebrate it, but she says it's not true.  Weird right?  She asked if I did and I said absolutely, and she looked at me really weird.  She thinks that we should honor our mother and father everyday and not only one day of the year.   I said that that is very true, but we just have one day set apart especially for Fathers.  She still thinks its not right, haha! but she understands me better now.  
Not too much has happened this week... El Salvador had its Presidencial elections yesterday, for the second time.  The first time was in February and it was a tie, and then yesterday the same thing happened.  So everyone is a little frustrated.  It will be interesting to see how it works out!
Dad, that is so sweet that your old companion went through the temple with his family to be sealed.  How cool is it to see the change happen in people and how they can get back on the right path.  I am so grateful that that is my job for these 2 years! I bet that was such an incredible experience to be apart of that sealing.  I want to baptize at least one family soon so I will be able to go with them to their sealing in the temple a year from now.  I hope it will be R and his family!! 

Well I hope you all have an incredible week at Sunshine! Maybe I'll drag my companion out and play some catch with him. :) 
Love you all tons and I'll talk to ya'll soon! 

Elder P.R. Thorpe

Hey mom, thanks for sending the package with what I asked for. :) I love you! 

Hermana Nancy sent this to us!  How precious!

Oh I forgot to tell you all, I gave a talk in church yesterday! I had no idea it was for yesterday until they called my name during the meeting.  Luckily I had something in mind and threw it out there.  Winging it is what I've always been pretty good at. ;) Haha! It's a little harder to do in spanish... I was literally sweating bullets up there on the stand! But it turned out alright! Love ya fam! Peace!

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