Monday, March 31, 2014

"The BOM is scripture, too!"

Hola Mi Familia!

Thanks a bunch for your emails! We had a good week with the MultiZone and I got a package from you guys, and from caroline! Any week that you get a package is a good week, and I got 2. :] Thanks a bunch for the letters and candy and ties! And my baptism picture! Me and dad look pretty good!  The easter candy is a huge hit in the house, and elder Cardenal was grateful for a couple new ties! And Brooks! Dude your picture that you drew is incredible! and it is so sweet to have a little something to remind me of Baseball season! Thanks bud! Nickel, thanks for the letter dude! I bet you are loving baseball and playing hard like you always do.  Jants, haha I loved your letter dude! And it just hit me how old you are.  You'll be 16 here in a couple months!! That's freaking crazy.  I'm writing you a letter back about the stuff you wrote me. :]  I'm also happy to hear that the weather in Utah hasn't changed at all, one day nice and warm and sunny and the next it snows. Gotta love that spring baseball weather! Jants it sounds like you are doing work out there on the field too! As usual! That's what I like to hear. Keep it up! 

We learned a bunch of good stuff this week in the multi zone and some other new stuff from our investigators.  R called us and told us to come to his house one day a little bit earlier cuz he wanted to talk to us, just him and us. He told us that he wants his family to be more united and he wants all of them to go to church with him and to support him going to church.  His wife and kids don't really like the church, but they seem to listen to our teaching when we visit.  I felt pretty bad for him.  We told him to share the things he learns with his family and to always invite them to go to church with him on Sundays.  I was also very humbled and so grateful for the unity that my family has! It is such a huge blessing to have your entire family strong in the gospel together.  It kills me to see how hard satan is working in this world to tear families apart.  The family unit truly is the most important place to have the gospel! We are going to have a FHE with R and his family tonight en the house of some members, so we hope that that will go good! We are also teaching the husband of J and he is progressing quite a bit! At first he said he can't believe in another book other than the bible as scripture.  We have this sheet with questions on it that are answered in the BOM and told him to pick a question that he wanted the answer to.  He wanted to know how he could have mas peace and happiness in his life so we told him to read Mosiah 2.  He read it and then told us that he was very impressed with what it taught and that it was very similar to the bible.  We were like, yeah dude! The BOM is scripture too! He still has some other doubts, but I have some big faith that he will be baptized in April! I'm hoping on the 20th for your birthday mom! and easter. :] 
Our Zls came to me and said that we are going to baptize 34 people as a zone this next month.  It got me pretty excited for some reason, and  I really think we are going to do it! The record in the mission right now as of the last few years is 33, so were gonna one up it this month! We are off to a good start, and we brought 42 investigators to church yesterday! As a zone! We are working hard, and  I think we will see a lot of success this month! 
Thanks for the advice dad on how to shake things up a bit.  We do need to do a lot more service, and that also gives me an excuse to wear something other than a white shirt and tie haha.  I'll definitely start doing that! 

SOOOO excited for conference this week!!!!! I hope you all are too! I invite you all to go into conference with a question about the gospel or whatever, cuz I know you will get an answer through one or more of the talks! 
I love you all and will talk to you next week! Stay sweet! 

Elder Thorpe

Hey also, Jantsen and nick or whoever, I am going to buy a ukelele today and so I want you guys to find me some chords of some songs that I maybe could learn and send em to me! Por favor? Love you! 
"Feliz Cumpleanos to Hermana Nancy."  (Happy Birthday!)
Doing service at Hermana Nancy's house

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