Monday, April 7, 2014

"Awesome Conference weekend!"

Hey Familia! 

Crazy that it's Monday again, the weeks go so fast! Man what an awesome conference weekend!!! There were so many incredible talks and words said, I learned so much! This was my first conference in spanish, but luckily I could understand it really well.  Haha, no need to worry mom, I haven't had food spit on me yet.  The people here are a little bit nicer than that! At least most of them.  I am going to buy the ukelele today! So if you could email me some of the chords of some cool songs that would be great, or you can send them, which ever works best! I am also so glad to hear that Jared is doing good.  Proud of him for defending his faith! President Monson said that we need to have the courage to do that and to sometimes stand alone.  Atta boy Jared! I was thinking about Kirsti the other day and I realized that she should be coming home soon, that is so crazy that she will be home in July! It doesn't seem like she has been out long at all! I'm sorry to hear she has been struggling with some kidney stones... Hope she is doing better! Sounds like the fam is doing just great, and getting into baseball! That's what I like to hear! Elder Cardenal and I went and played some ball with some kids in our ward this morning, and I pulled out the gloves and was suprised to find out that some of the kids can really throw! Man it felt good to go throw and run around, haha you really learn to be thankful for the time you have to be able to go outside and play some ball on the mission haha the day only comes once a week! Jants that is so nuts that you are doing drivers ed. 5 in the morning?! Haha that sucks... but it will be nice to have it over with once the summer comes! I am a bit jealous that you are all headed down to St George this week for spring break.  Our spring break is next week, and we get to take all of our investigators to the temple and president Cordon is going to talk to them! I am extremely excited for that! 
This week was a good one, and we had a great time at conference! We couldn't watch it in our chapel so we had to go to the stake center, which is like a 15 min bus ride away.  But we managed to bring 7 investigators en total! The last session was an interesting trip over there.  We had to wait for 2 of our investigators to do their hair and put their makeup on, (Theyre women) Then it was raining so they didn't want to get wet and they didn't have an umbrella so we had to convince them to walk like 20 yds to the bus stop and that took a good 10 minutes, haha so we missed the first hour of that session, but we managed to get there, a little wet, but we got there.  And all of our investigators really liked the conference! We have worked hard in teaching and explaining how important conference is and how we literally get to hear from a prophet and apostles that are equal to those of the bible.  It was a very powerful weekend!! 
I have come to LOVE conference.  I was so upset when we were late because I HAD to hear the talks! 
I gotta go, but I hope you all have a great week and have a blast in St George!! I hope to see some sweet pics next monday! Love ya all!

Elder Thorpe

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