Monday, April 14, 2014

Crazy what a little competition can do!

Lovin the pictures from Spring Break! Looks like you guys had a blast in St. George.  That new hike looks so sweet! How did you guys find that? I am definitely gonna want to go there when I get home! AND you went 4-wheeling?? Why didn't we do that when Payton was home?? Hahah I'm glad that you all had fun, and I'm glad that you went to the temple, too! 

So this week was pretty good! We came up with a great idea this week, well Elder Hansen did.  He wanted to make like a tournament bracket with the whole zone, and each companionship is a team.  We have it all set up just like March Madness!  It is so sweet! We get points by how many lessons we have with members present.  This got everyone so excited and our numbers leaped to another level! Haha its cool, there is so much more excitement in the zone now.  Everyone calls in the numbers at night and then wants to know who won!   It's crazy what a little competition can do! But I love it! 
We talked with M.A., the husband of J, and we had a good lesson with him.  He says that he believes it's all true, but he doesn't feel ready to be baptized.  He is kind of a lot like R, they both know that it's all true, but are just scared of the commitment of baptism.  It kinda drives me nuts... but all we can do is keep teaching and praying, and I know that they will get there! Hopefully before I leave! R came with us to a baptism yesterday and he said that he liked it.  We invited him to be baptized again, but he says he just doesn't feel ready quite yet.  
We also found a new family this week.   It's just a guy and his wife, but they are pretty positive! They came to church yesterday, which was a shocker cuz the guy had an accident awhile ago and he has a fractured vertabrae in his back.  The problem is that he can't afford the medical treatment for it so he has just been living with it! Crazy Right? He can't sit for a long period of time and everytime he sits down or stands up, it looks like it hurts soo bad! But he told us that he has a desire to be a member of a church, but doesn't know what one he needs to go to.  We were like, YES! We taught them a bit about the restoration and he really liked it, but still has some doubts.  But they did go to church and he walked the whole way there! I really hope they keep progressing like they are! 
They do celebrate Easter here, but its like a week long thing.  Its called la Semana Santa, (the Holy Week haha), and it's basically like spring break.  I don't think there is an easter bunny here tho.  Thats a bummer.  
We came home to find a mouse running around and so we were trying to catch him, but Elder Hansen ended up stepping on him and killed him.  We were pretty upset, but then a couple minutes later, we found another one! We followed him under the fridge and found the whole family! We found 5 in total. We killed 2... but we caught 3 haha so now we have 3 pet mice at home. :] 
Well I gotta get going, but Thank you for the email and the pictures! Everyone looks so good! Dad, thanks for the email and the compliment.  Hah, I don't feel like it's true, but thank you! And I also love the quote! 
I'll try and take those pictures for ya too! 
Love you all!! Have a great week! 

Elder Thorpe


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