Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter!

What is up Family!!!??
Thanks for the emails and the pictures! I love em! Looks like you guys had a great Easter! I was missing me some egg rolling haha.  But lucky you mom, glad you were able to win on your bday! I'm also happy to hear that you got my letter! I was worried that it wouldn't get there in time.  SO church was good for you all? Sounds pretty spiritual. 
SO Nick, sounds like you were the stud this week!!! Hahaha I am so stoked for you! I bet that was the greatest feeling for you. Hahah there really is nothing better to hit a walk off, especially in a tight situation!! Man I sure wish I could have seen that.  You'll just have to hit a few more when I get home, alright? Haha Jants, it's okay, you can't win em all.  Unless you're the girls basketball team of 2013 haha... But just keep playing hard and giving it your all.  If your not having fun, you're not doing it right! Brooks! I bet you are just getting better and better everyday! Can't wait to hear how your games go!
So yes, we were able to go to the temple with our investigators! We only brought 2.  They are a new family, well, I taught them a couple times back with Elder Sanchez at the beginning of my mission, but they didn't want to progress so we left them, but then we ran into the wife in the street and she asked when we were going to come by again, so we came by and had a sweet lesson with them, and E said that he really wants to know what church he should go to.  They had an awesome time at the temple and they are progressing so much.  
This week was basically spring break for el salvador, they call it the Semana Santa.  Everyone is off of work on Friday, there weren't even buses! Everyone went to the beach and partied.  But we had an awesome time at the temple, it was cool to see all of the investigators there! We had a good Easter yesterday, too.  We came to church to find a new family sitting in the back! It was a family that we talked to awhile ago, but we could never find them.  Then they just showed up to church! Haha it was sweet.  We're going to talk to them later today! 
I don't have much more time, but I am so happy to hear your week was good and that everyone is well.  I also got a letter from Mindy! Sounds like they moved to Lake Shore and are doing fantastic! 
I love you all and will talk next week! 

Elder Thorpe

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