Monday, April 28, 2014

Cool reminder of how the Lord works

Hey GUYS!!!!

How are we all this week? This week went really fast for us.  Sounds like it rained over there saturday, it rained here too.  Probably the hardest rain storm I have ever been in! I was walking down the street in water up past my ankles.  It started at about 7:30 and hit us hard.  I had my umbrella, but it didn't do anything haha. We had to walk over to another appointment and as we knock on the door the power goes out and we can't see a thing.  The lady that lived in the house we were at is a member and we were supposed to be teaching one of her friends, but they didn't come because of the rain and so we helped her find some candles to have some light and right then a guy on a motorcycle stopped in front of her house, and couldn't start his bike back up.  So he came in with us and we ended up teaching him for a little while.  He says he doesn't believe that there is a true church of god and that all we need to do is to keep the commandments and we're good.  We don't need to go to church.  So we gave a quick rundown of the restoration and he was kinda interested.  We're gonna go talk with him more this week! It was just a cool reminder of how the Lord works.  We had some other things on our plate to worry about and the Lord put someone right in our path. Pretty neat, right?
Hey that's sweet that Stephen found one of grandma's cousins!! Haha small world is right.  Hope things are going good with that! I bet he will write me about it soon.  I'm also glad that Jantsen didn't drop his phone in the tarp when you had to roll it up haha! I sure miss those tarp rolling days! (Eh, not really... ;)) Mom thanks for that post you sent me! That sounds like a pretty cool group your following.  And it's very true, You never know how you might touch someone or really when the time is right for someone to accept the gospel. 

We found a young investigator who has a baby and is expecting another one.  She says that she has been through some hard things in her life but she knows she needs to go to a church but doesn't know what one to go to.  She didn't come to church yesterday, but she is still very positive and says she will go this next week.  We had a cool lesson with her last week.  We taught her about repentance and all that and she said that she feels like she might not be able to be forgiven of some of the things that she has done.  I really felt the spirit so strongly when I testified to her that she could be forgiven, no matter what she has done.  That her brother, Jesus Christ, suffered for her sins and knows exactly how she is feeling.  I promised her with all of my heart that she could truly be forgiven and she could find peace and happiness through this gospel.  I realized then how much my testimony has grown of the Atonement.  I can't explain the incredible feeling I had to be able to really testify of the Savior's love and how it is always there.  Man it was cool!! 
So yes, we do have changes this week and man I am nervous.  I am pretty sure that I will write you guys from another area next week, but  I really, really want one more change in Rio Zarco!! It's an interesting feeling that I have.  I wanna see more of the mission, but I don't want to leave here haha! But we'll see how it goes.

I hope you all have an incredible week and I can't wait to talk to you all on mothers day!! 
Love you all! 

Elder Thorpe
Last Monday we hiked up the mountain behind our area.  It was sweet!

It was a really long hike…I'm a little out of shape!
Today we went to the zoo!
I actually had a monkey "pull my finger" !
Hermana Nancy sent some pictures to us today!
Love that!

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