Saturday, May 3, 2014

Leaving the "Zarc"...

What is up My amazing Family??!!!

Boy, what a week I have had! We had changes, and yes haha Elder Thorpe has FINALLY left Rio Zarco! But man, it was really hard leaving that place! I love all of the members and investigators over there so much! And not to mention my pupusa ladies that we buy from! I visited Marina Calderon, the lady that me and E Sanchez baptized back in october, and she had a really hard time saying goodbye.  It was kind of really cool tho because I didn't feel like I had much of an impact on her because, when we were teaching her, I could barely speak any spanish so I didn't say much! But she told me that Elder Sanchez and I changed her entire life and that she could not be more grateful for being able to know us.  It was really cool.  I told her that I am going to come back after my mission and that I want to find her with her incredibly strong testimony still growing! She promised me that I would! So, put that on the calendar mom haha, were making a trip to El Salvador after I get home. :) Hna Nancy had a really, really tough time too, I passed by the night before we had changes and she was "asleep".  But she called me the next morning and said that she wasn't asleep, she just couldn't talk to me. I am going to miss that family sooo much! (I also promised them that I'd come back too... and the family!) So yeah, it was tough leaving.  But I now have a new area!
I am now in Manantiales, Atiquizaya.  I'll pronounce that for you all on sunday haha.  I love it here! My new comp is Elder Gomez.  He came to the mission with Elder Cardenal, and was trained by Elder Sparks who was in the MTC with me! So that's cool.  He is a cool kid.  He is from Colombia and is EXTREMELY smart.  He knows english and Japanese! Not fluently, but he can understand pretty well.  This area is way cool! I'll tell more about it when I have more time to talk this sunday! 

HAHAHA I am still laughing about the story with Brooks! Haha it sounds like something he would do.  You need to be more careful with what you say mom! I cannot believe he started walking... hahaha!! Love you brooksie! Jants! Congrats on the wins this past week! I bet that was a lot of fun! Nick how are you doing holmes?? OH! And that is literally the coolest story about Sophie Laing!!! She is a better missionary than I am!! Haha that is amazing how much confidence she had in sharing the gospel.  It's something that we are working so hard to get the members here to have! Tell her that she needs to come down here and help the missionaries and members out! Haha! 
I love you all so much and can't wait for sunday!! Oh mom I also got the ukelele book and your letter! Thank you! 

Elder Thorpe

Hermana Nancy's house, so sad to see him go...

About to get on the bus to the new area.

Missionary probs...

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