Monday, August 25, 2014

"Hey, save me a piece of that corn"...


 SOunds like all is well and were just about to start the crazy but awesome football season.  I still am wondering how Jeff managed to break his ankle playing golf? Must have been a rough day! But that also stinks about their flat tire.  Hope things go well with the surgery! That is so funny that they said Elder Thorpe instead of Elder Davis en the prayer haha everyone did tell me and Gregg that we looked like brothers! Glad his farewell went good. Well I wrote a bunch this week haha so, you're welcome mom. :)

So for pday we did something pretty sweet and fun.  We headed over to the other end of our zone to an area called San Lorenzo.  It is right on the border of El Salvador and Guatemala.  At the end of the town, there is a big river and a bridge and on the other siide of the river is guatemala.  So we crossed the bridge and hung out in guatemala for a little bit haha it was cool.  I'll send some pictures of it.
Well, today is Tuesday.  We had a good day too.  We were able to visit almost all of our really positive  investigators today and we even put a baptismal date with one of them! We put it with M H.  Her son is scheduled to be baptized on the 30th of this month but she was a little nervous about saying yes to her baptism, but we talked her into it today.  She is not getting baptized until next month, on the 26th, because its her birthday and thats how she wanted it.  But thats alright! ELder Lopez was the one that invited her to be baptized so he was pretty stoked when she said yes.  I was real happy for him.  It made us pretty happy for the rest of the day.  A rain storm hit us hard right during our last lesson for the day.  Trying to talk during a hard rain under a tin roof is terrible.  You kind of just have to sit there and not say anything because you cant hear a word of what anyone says.  So that was a bummer.   I was later a bit bummed to come home and see that a mouse had gotten into my bananas. Dang mouse. 
Today was Wednesday and we had an awesome lesson with L.  We talked a lot about faith and the spirit was super strong.  His brother that is out on the mission has been helping us out a lot and sent him a few scriptures to read.  We invited L to be baptized on the 31st and he said he still wants to see a baptism first.  Luckily there are 3 this weekend so he is definitely going to see it.  He is so close, I think he will accept the date on sunday after the baptism, so I'll keep you updated. I also had the chance to give a blessing today. I think that I have finally gotten the hang of giving blessings in spanish.  Also the zone is doing so good, we have a potential of 15 baptisms for this month.  Our goal is 18 so were getting there.  I think we will make it tho!  
Today is Thursday.  We went to a relief society activity today with our investigators and we made some Atol.  Its this creamy, sweet hot drink and they put corn in it.  Yeah it sounds weird but its actually really good.  I also ate an elote, or en english it would be corn on the cob.  But the way they eat it here is way different than we do.  They cook it over a fire and then put some lime juice and salt on it and its good to go.  I thought it was super weird at first, but I really like it.  They also have the corn that is on nacho libre, ya know the one that looks like it has ketchup all over it, Yes, I have eaten one of those.  They put ketchup, mayonaise, some other weird black sauce, and cheese on it.  I didnt really like it... But the whole time I was eating, in my head I was saying, hey, save me a piece of that corn! 
Man, what a day we had today. It was friday and we got a call last night to come to San Salvador en the morning to get a bunch of paper work done for Elder Lopez's visa.  So we left at 630 en the morning and made about a million stops in San Sal.  I didn't have to do anything, other than be his companion so it was cool to see some more places of the capital.  I'm so glad we didn't have any problems with my visa cuz it looks way stressful to get that all figured out.  We got back at about 2 in the afternoon and then we were running all over town, literally, to get to all of our appointments.  We had a bunch of interviews to do too, one with Presidente Spjut and then 2 baptismal ones.  It was just a really busy day.  But I felt like I really helped edify the church today, so that makes it all worth it.  I also was way happy to recieve a letter from gma and gpa faux, thank you guys!! Also a letter from the big J'dawg himself, and then the pkg from caroline.  It was awesome!! You all are the best, it was way cool to hear all of your voices on the recorder! Everyone sounds about the same except Jantsen and Brighton.  Jantsen I knew sounded old, but its hard to get used to.  And brighton sounded like she was 12! It was hard to tell the difference between her and Ryan.  Gracie also sounds a bit older.  Haha it was awesome to hear! Thank you all a bunch for the birthday wishes! Sounds like everyone is doing good. 
And just like that, the week is over again.  Today was saturday and we spent a good chunk of the morning trying to find a new house.  The zone leaders told us that it was time to move because Hrmana spjut was coming to check the houses and she might have a heart attack if she saw ours.  Mom, we do clean our house as much as we can and I try to keep my stuff all nice and neat, but the house just isn't in the best condition so that's why.  Not too much happened, other than a hard rain storm.  I took a cool and funny video of it that I'll try to put on the dropbox so you guys can see some real rain.
We had stake conference today and that was pretty good.  It was all about missionary work so the missionaries were all pretty happy about that.  President and Hermana Spjut spoke and I sure felt nervous for Hermana Spjut.  She doesn't know any spanish and she had to speak in front of the whole stake.  But she handled it well and gave it all she had, with help from Pres Spjut. Conference was good, then we had a frustrating day. We were trying so hard to get L to see a baptism today, but he was nowhere to be found when it came time for the baptism, I guess he had a family emergency and had to take care of his gma or something.  We are working sooo hard for this guy, but something always comes up when he has the opportunity to see a baptism.  Not sure what it is. But we'll keep the faith and just keep working with him.

I love you all and miss ya! Have a great week and I'll talk to you next monday!
Oh and dad about the shoes, The ones I have are going to give me all they've got and I plan on wearing em down as much as possible.  I know where to buy glue so no worries. 

Elder Thorpe

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