Monday, August 4, 2014

LOVE the members!

Hey Fam!!

Man it's good to hear from you all this week.  I can't explain how fast this week went! Crazy.  So the dropbox thing is a success! I saw all the pictures and it looks like it was a blast in Cali this week! I'm glad you all had fun.  So dad you never got to go down? That's a bummer dude.  But sounds like you had a real productive week this week.  Jants it sounds like you did work down there, that's what I expected to hear! Atta boy.  Is coach fry letting the kids grow their hair out?? Probably for the summer, but is it okay for the season too? I'm glad you guys got to visit the new Cars ride and everything! I bet that was pretty sweet! SO I got the bday package this week!! Thank you guys so much! I needed that new towel desperately.  and I am currently wearing those socks! Man those things are comfy! I'm also happy to see you guys are starting to move over to the skinny ties ;) I love em! And the Alphasmart has saved SO much time for me! Thank you!!
SO this week was pretty good.  Working wise we had a couple rough days, but we had a big Zone fast this past weekend, and we were able to see the blessings from that on sunday! We brought 6 investigadores to church and our ward assistance jumped up to 115! It is the highest that it has ever been so we hope we can keep progressing like that!  We have also received a ton of references this past week.  The members are starting to work hard with us and we are seeing the fruits of that work! The young men in our ward are having a soccer tourney this week and the teams consist of investigadores and less actives, so we have had a good turn out with that.  Haha its funny how excited kids can get about coming to church when you throw in a little soccer.  So that should be fun to do this week! We had a cool experience in church yesterday too.  Luis came and his mom got up and bore her testimony about how she is scared to death for her son, who is on his mission, to head out to the field this Tuesday, but she has been comforted many times that he will be blessed and looked after.  It was really powerful and Luis started crying.  After the mtg he told us he had the desire to get up and bear his testimony, but didn't think he was allowed to because he's not a member.  He is such a cool guy and he is getting soooo close to accepting a date for baptism! I'll keep you posted on that!
You remember Maira Castillo? SO we hadn't been visiting her for awhile, but we found her again and now we are talking to her and her husband, and they are both really positive! They are in a tight situation with work so its hard to get them to church, but they are progressing! Also, Nayeli will be baptized today at 3pm.  Right in the middle of our Pday, but being the awesome missionaries we are, we have no problem with it! Haha I'll take some pictures and send them next week.
I'm so happy that everyone is doing great! Dad I really like those quotes!! Thanks! Hope all goes well with hell week this week, haha and your date Jants! I hope your first date was with mom! hahah.  
BROOKS! Happy Birthday this week buddy! Can't believe you are going to be 10!! Have an awesome day dude! 
I'll talk to you all next week! Love ya!

Elder Thorpe


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