Sunday, August 3, 2014

New companion, new trainee...

Hey Familia!!

Man, I sure do have a family that loves me! I can't believe you went through all of that trouble just to get my email! But I am very glad that you did, so thank you!! It sounds like you all had a blast at Powell, the pictures look so awesome! and the House Boat looks like it was pretty nice! I am still in shock that Brooks did not split his chin open this year! Atta boy! You're finally learning haha.  JANTS! Dude you're 16 now, isn't that crazy?  What's with your hair bro? I have never seen it that long! It looks GOOD!! I love it, and it will look great comin out of the back of your football helmet haha.  I bet it was a blast for you all, but not as fun as it could have been because with out me and Easton there, there's no way it can be THAT fun. ;) Actually, I got some letters in the mail this week and Nick told me that he always has fun in Powell whether I'm there or not.  Haha I was laughing pretty hard when I read that.  Love ya Nick!  I am way sad to hear that the mountain burned! It's good that it didn't ruin any houses or anything, but I bet it looks ugly.  Hope that gets healed up in the next year! That is so nuts that you almost had Pres. Eyring in sacrament mtg! That would have been so cool, but I bet it was sweet to have his family there! 

SO! This week was pretty crazy.  We had changes and no, my companion is not a gringo.  His name is Elder Lopez and he is from San Salvador, the capital! BUT- He moved to the states 5 years ago and has been studying at BYU for the past 2 years so he knows PERFECT English! Haha its been weird but really cool to be able to talk in english with my companion.  He looks like he is a gringo with his light skin and hair and eyes, but he was born and raised here.  He is a great kid, and really smart! His mission is actually in Brazil, but he is still waiting for his visa so he is just here until that comes, which will hopefully been in 6 weeks but no one really knows.  So I am way excited to work with him! He is excited and ready to work.  We were able to have an awesome lesson with Luis yesterday! I felt the spirit so strong and it was just one of those times when I really felt the pure love for the people.  It is such an amazing feeling and is the awesome blessing of this work! Luis is doing so good, still wants a little bit more time to think about everything, but he is getting there! Unfortunately, Nayeli was not baptized on friday because her family had some problems, but we are going to do it the 4th of August.  And I am feeling like Luis will be baptized next month as well! Other than that we had an average week.  We kind of walked a lot, haha and I worked Elder Lopez pretty hard.  He told me a few times the his legs really hurt.  It was funny cause it made me remember the first of my mission and I felt the same way! But he'll adjust! 
Well, I hope you all have an awesome week in Cali! I wanna see pics of that too! I hope you all will be safe and that we win some games too! 
I love you all so much and miss ya like crazy!! Thanks for the letters also! 

Love Elder Thorpe
This is at the changes meeting, the whole Sanchez family…The one holding the glasses is my zone leader and "older brother", Elder Sanchez trained him before me.  And then me and mi hijo!

So this is a worm, not a snake.  It was HUGE.

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