Saturday, July 26, 2014

Changes again!

Hey My dear Family!!

These monday mornings and the excitement to see emails from you guys just doesn't get old! Sounds like you guys had a crazy week.  That makes all of us! I'm so happy to hear that nick and brooks did work at the tournaments! NICK STOLE 2ND, 3RD, AND HOME???!!! Atta boy nick! and brooks I bet was just stroking the ball! I don't know why, but I absolutely love the city state tournament.  Brings back some awesome memories! 
JANTSEN! HAPPY 16th BIRTHDAY BIG GUY!!! Dude, I cannot believe you are so old.  Driving and Dating.... That's weird! I hope you have a great day, and a great week in Powell! I sent a letter to ya, hopefully you get it soon.
ALright mom, so my days are pretty much the same as they always have been for the past year.  We have been very good with our exercises in the mornings though, we have gone running every morning for the past month! I feel fantastic! The food here is pretty much the same.  Our cocinera makes some great stuff for us, however I still am kind of sick of the rice... they eat rice for EVERY meal.  Now it's like it just doesn't have any taste, ya know? But its alright, I just eat what is given to me. Also there are about a million fruits here that you can just pick off the trees and eat.  Mangos, coconuts, guavas, and many more! I love it! District leader responsibilities are about the same,  I do a couple interchanges here and there, it is actually pretty fun.  And the money account, I have only used it to buy cool souvenirs and things like that, I don't use it too much. 
SO, this week has been kinda crazy because I got the call to be a trainer again.  We have changes this wednesday.  I am happy and sad cuz Elder Calva is leaving.  We have had so much fun together and its weird that we only had one change together.  So I will be getting a newbie on wednesday, but I am excited! Nervous, but excited.  We had a trainers mtg this past friday and it got me real excited.  There are 17 new missionaries in total and 10 of them are gringos! So I'm hoping I  get one of them! This also means that I will probably have 12 more weeks here in Atiquizaya which is awesome because I love this area! But pray that I get a cool kid!
Dad, I am happy to hear that you haven't changed a bit.  My entire life I have always seen you give nothing, but your all in everything you do.  I honestly don't remember a day that you ever had a sick day and didn't go to work.  You would be sicker than a dog and would still head off to work.  That has been the biggest example for me! And its how I am trying to work out here! So I'm glad to see you are still trying to do it all.
I hope you all have an incredible time at powell, and I expect to see some good pictures next week! I will be missing it this week, but hey, next year we better go at the same time because I get home the 23 of June. (just so you guys can make those plans. ;)  I love you guys so much and miss you all like crazy! 
Be safe this week! Church is True!

Love Elder Thorpe

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