Monday, July 14, 2014

Hump Week!

Hey Fam!

Man this week sure went fast! We had a better week this week, however D did not get baptized.  We did the interview with her and everything but she said that she wants to tell us the day when she wants to be baptized.  She is an interesting old lady.   But we're gonna keep visiting her and see how it goes. LAst week was just stressful, I felt like I had a too much stuff on my plate and I was just really tired and a little sick. But mom, no need to worry! Everything's just fine! 
It sounds like you guys are doing good, enjoying the nice summertime.  I opened the package last week! Haha it is awesome, I love all of the pictures and the Hump day signs! All of the treats were perfect, too! I took a few pics with the sign I'll have to send you.  We don't do all that much for the year mark, haha just another day! But it is crazy that This mission thing is half way over, and the time is starting to go even faster! We had our first personal interviews with President Spjut, it was great.  Mainly just so he could get to know us.  They are Utah fans and both Graduated from there so Hermana Spjut was really excited when I told her that that's where I was going to school after the mission.  Haha she said. "Yes! The U is awesome, and that is where people live the gospel on their own free will and eternal families can be found there, too." It was pretty funny.  She doesn't speak any spanish, but is such a nice lady! Reminds me a lot of my Grandmas! President Spjut is an awesome guy as well.   He is a very loving guy and is so excited to work.  We are all pumped to have them here!
Me and Elder Calva are best friends haha we get along so well, and we have so much fun together! I feel like we are always laughing.  It's so crazy to say that some of the best friends I  have made on the mission speak a different language.  But we're having fun and we're working well too!  Yesterday we put another baptismal date for the 25th.  It's a girl that supposedly got baptized when she was 8 but was never confirmed, so now she has to be baptized again.  She is 13 now.  So we talked to her and her mom and they said yeah lets do it on the 25th. So she will be baptized as an investigator, haha its kind of wierd.  
Other than that not too much happened this week.  I forgot to tell you all, it hasn't rained in like a week and a half, but it finally rained yesterday.  Everyone was saying that it was really weird that it hadn't rained.  But I think we are going to be back on the full rain everyday schedule.  
Jants I can't believe you are about to turn 16 dude! Thats so crazy.  Yeah, I got my  P-Blessing when I turned 16.  I would recommend it! Nick and Brooks good luck this week during the state tourney! Hope it all goes well, I know you guys will play great!
A birthday Package? Hey sweet! I'm not sure what I want...  I need a new towel.  and some of those nike elite socks would be cool but thats about all I need.  Just whatever you wanna throw in there is fine, thanks for sending one!!
Have fun with the football registration this week dad, crazy that its starting again.  I would love to come work for ya again even if it is in the QC basement haha!

Well I love ya all and hope you have a great week! Stay sweet!

Elder Thorpe
Coconut water.  So good!

Celebrating Hump week at the zone conference.

I came out with Elder Bettencourt so we both had our hump day!

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