Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Small miracles and great results...


Sounds like you all had a good week, that's good to hear! I'm sorry to hear that we have more leak problems… What's up with that? Well, lets get all of those taken care of before I get home, yeah?  Nick, I hope you get feeling better bro! Sorry to hear you couldn't play this week.  Brooks, haha keep up the good work! SO, our week was pretty alright. 
It's only monday and it's been a way cool week.  We had some fun going out and buying food and stuff, helping elder isom order for lunch was pretty fun haha. We had a good Pday over all.  It got really good when we went out to work at night.  I guess Catholics celebrate the Virgin Mary's birth? I had no idea.  But that was today, september 8 and they all had candles and lights and fireworks, it was crazy.  But later, we went and talked to the mom of the missionary that is in Idaho, remember her? Well she kind of opened up to us and I didn't realize how incredibly tough her situation is.  She has colon cancer and may have to have surgery done next month.  She is struggling to pay all of the bills because her son used to help her pay them, but now he is on the mission so she has to do it.  Man it was really humbling to hear.  But the craziest part is that she is so humble about it.  She doesn't like to talk to people about it and she is always looking for people to help because she says there is someone that is suffering more than her.  My testimony has grown a lot just from seeing the faith and strength of this woman. She is also praying her heart out that her other son will be baptized soon. It is times like these that make me really appreciate being a missionary and having the opportunity to see people like that.    
We had a pretty good day today (tuesday) we found a lot of new people to teach and also less actives who haven't been visited in a long time.  We found 2 families that are way cool and that I think can be baptized soon, they just have to get married first but we get that.  I'm excited to work with all of these new people we have and also excited for my district.  We have been working pretty well and have been seeing some small miracles and great results.  It should be a good month!

It's been a pretty good last couple of days.  It's Friday, weeks about over again.  Hope we had some good football today! Not too much has been different lately, except the weather.  It has been pretty nice lately, with not so much sun and more overcast and rainy.  Supposedly we're going to have off and on rain for 15 days straight and the weather is supposed to stay like this.  Boy I sure hope so.  The other day we went to visit a recent convert to help her out with some stuff.  Remember that house I helped build back in May? well this recent convert lives in that house and she asked me to bless it for her.  Hah it was pretty cool. We all gathered in a circle inside that little house and I really felt a strong spirit there as I was saying the prayer/blessing. It was a neat experience.  

Today, Elder I. had to go to San Salvador for his migration stuff, luckily I didn't have to go this time. So I stayed with two other Elders, which was cool because  I got to get to know a couple more missionaries, one from Ecuador and the other from Colombia. One of them was baptized a year and a half ago so it was really cool to see and hear the story and testimony of him.  But anyways, we went back to the Mission office to pick up our comps at the time they were supposed to get back, but their van broke down and they were going to be an 1hr and a half late. So we had to sit and wait at the office for awhile.  There is always some sort of problem that happens when we have to make a trip to San Salvador that makes it nice and stressful. But, they got home and it all worked out like it always does. I was able to talk a bit more with Elder Laing and turns out he was the catcher for the Timpanogas baseball team.  It was cool to realize that we had stood right next to each other multiple times before, each time I was up to bat against them.  Pretty crazy, right?  Other than that, it has been a normal week.  L is still coming along and we have been able to find some new people this week so it should be good to start working with them. Also, haha I realized today that the old bishop in our ward reminds me a lot of Grandpa Thorpe, its funny.  He looks like him a little bit, but its mostly in the way he talks.  If Gpa was latino, this guy would be him for sure.  I'll try to take a picture with him sometime and send it. 
We had an okay sunday.  Not many people wanted to come to church this week.  Today, Monday, is Independence day here so maybe that had something to do with no one coming.  Our Ward assistance dropped by a lot.  But, it is what it is, we'll work on that for next week.  We finally were able to contact and teach this girl that we have been looking for for like 3 weeks, and she is really positive.  She was a reference from a member from another ward and she wants to go to a church but doesn't know which one to go to.  After our lesson, Elder I. and I were in shock in how well it went.  Elder I. said it was the strongest he had felt the spirit in his whole mission so far.  Yeah, we killed it. Hope she stays this positive.    
Well, Mom and Dad be safe down at Powell and I hope you guys have a blast! Hope to see some good pics next week! 
Have a fantastic week and I'll talk to ya'll soon! 

Elder Thorpe

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