Monday, September 8, 2014

Two new comps in two days...

Hey FAM!
Man you guys had a fun week this week! Happy to hear we had some wins, and some losses.  I guess you can't win em all! (unless you're the girls basketball team) Like the pics of the wood cutting, I've actually done quite a bit of that down here!  Well, we had a pretty crazy week!

It's Monday, and I got a new companion.  He is a mini missionary from here and is going to be here for 6 weeks. He has his mission call, going to Honduras, and he will leave in November.  Elder Ruano is his name and he is a straight up STUD.  He is 20 years old, an only child, and only lives with his mom.  He is a convert and has only been a member for 2 years.  I have only had about 12 hours with this kid and I already know he is going to be an incredible missionary.  He is serving as a missionary for 6 weeks on his own free will and he said he left his mom at home crying because she didn't want him to go.  He is very quiet and extremely humble.  It's only day one with him and I am already excited to see what happens and what I will learn from him.
Alright, well, I guess I was excited to learn from him. It's Tuesday and I just got a call saying that I will be getting a new comp tomorrow.  SO, it was fun to work with Elder Ruano for a day.  I'm pretty excited to get my new comp tho, I am training so he will be another newbie, and there aren't any new latinos so I'm getting a Gringo!! I am so pumped for that.  It might be tough teaching him spanish... But I'll teach him the best I can.  Hopefully I've learned a word or two in the past year.  It rained really really hard today, but I didn't get to go play in it because our bishop made us stay inside his house until it stopped. 
We had the changes meeting today and it was a good one.  My new comp is Elder Isom from Layton, Utah.  He is a straight up Gringo! And a stud haha I love him.  His spanish reminds me of how I was a year ago at this time, but he is learning and I think I will be able to teach him pretty well.  We had 26 new missionaries come and 17 elders, who are all gringos, its crazy.  One of them was that Elder Gibson you guys told me about, I talked to him for a second and he told me he was in the Murdock's ward so that was cool to finally meet him he is a stud too! Also, tell brother Laing that his cousin or something like that is in my mission too.  One of the news introduced himself and said Elder Laing, and he looks a lot like Bro Laing so I knew he had to be related.  He told me that they were related but as cousins I think.  So it was a pretty busy and exciting day! I am pumped to have a gringo comp! I also got some candy in a pkg from the Kronmillers, tell them thank you! And a letter from you mom! I'll write ya back soon.
We had some good Zone and District meetings today, Thursday.   We had some good lessons today, but a lot of our appointments fell through so we ended up walkiing all over town trying to visit people.  Elder Isom was pretty tired, but he is a happy kid all the time and is doing well. Also, I sent a picture I think of these HUGE grasshoppers that are here, did you guys see it? These things are everywhere and are so big. How do you think the fish at the cabin would like one of those, Nick? Haha
Over all, its been a pretty good week.    ELder Isom is already progressing in his spanish and will be fluent in no time.  I am sending a letter to you, mom so be expecting that in 3 weeks!   

Well,  I love and miss you all lots! Hope you have a great week, and mom and dad have a great time in Powell! Talk to ya'll soon!

Elder Thorpe  

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