Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Sup Guys!

You all sound fantastic as usual. And super PUMPED for Christmas this week! I am too. It's gonna be pretty sweet talking to you guys on thursday. Its crazy how fast these last 7 months have gone by. I'm way glad that you all got my little pkg. I know its not much, haha and that the candy is weird, but I just wanted to give you all a little taste of El Salvador.  Well, I won't write too much more cuz we will just talk on thursday. 

This week has been pretty good. We had a great lesson last night with a family that we are teaching. Well, the dad is never home so we really are only teaching the mom, daughter and son. The son was baptized a few years ago but goes to a different church.  However, the mom and daughter are very positive and the daughter has come to church a few times.  With the lessons that we have had, they have started to understand more about the Atonement and how we can find strength through all that Jesus did for us.  The mom's name is M____, the son is M____, and the daughter is M____. They said that they will go to church this week so we hope that they come.
Today was Friday and we had a pretty okay day.  We had to go to Ahuachapan in the morning to meet with the rest of the zone to practice this skit that were going to do for our Christmas activity on tuesday.  We are having the elders pretend like they are sisters and the sisters like elders, and then we act out how the sisters are with their daily work and them for us.  It should be really funny.  Elder Onofre and I are acting out how sisters do their daily planning session.  Haha its gonna be hilarious. 
Well we had a pretty okay day in church. The last two days I have had a nice cold with a really sore throat so that has made it fun to go out and work. But I'm feeling better today, just got a cough. We had a bunch of people committed to church but only one came.  M___ had to work so her and her daughter didn't come.  That was a bummer.  We found a new investigator yesterday named R___ who is like 80% blind.  She is really nice and very humble.  She lives in a little shack with her 8 kids. She goes to an evangelical church every now and then so she was a little hesitant to let us come in, but she did and she seems fairly interested. Well see how that goes.  
I've been doing so much thinking about Christmas, but mostly about the "Christ" part.  Jesus was, and is, the greatest gift that God has given us. I have thought so much of his birth and how humble it was.  Now days, when someone is having a baby, they are constantly buying clothes, a crib, toys and stuff like that so that the baby has what it needs.  The profets prophesied of Christs birth hundreds of years before it even happened and yet, no one prepared anything for him when he was born.  And thats how his life was. He was born humble and lived humble.  I am so grateful for Him and what He did for me, and for each and every one of us. I hope you all are thinking of Him this week!   
Hey, I love every one of you!! I hope you all have an amazing Christmas this week. I'll talk to you all on Thursday!

Elder Thorpe

Pictures from the missionary Christmas party

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