Monday, January 12, 2015

Changes to Campestre, in Turin.

Alright so it was so sweet to see all of those pics! The broken backboard was sweet, and it completely made sense when I saw that it was adam rodriguez. Jants, you can dunk dude??? No way...! Hahah im proud! Everyone looks so good and sounds great too! Yeah Elder Nelson and Elder Spach are comps now, we were way good friends in the MTC so I was happy when they told me they were comps! Mom that is an awesome idea about the REST thing! I love it, and yes it would be very useful out on the mission! Alright so I'll tell ya how changes went.

Today is Friday, and it has been a crazy week. I'm just tired. Yeah changes went good, my new comp is a stud! His name is Elder Rietveld from Murray, Utah. #GRINGO! He just finished his training so we are still working on the spanish, but he is a great kid.  My new area is called Campestre, in the Zone Turin. Turin is right inbetween Atiquizaya and Ahuachapan, so I didn't go too far and I know my way around, but it has still been a big change for me.  It's weird to be back in the heat.  But I really am liking the area and we have a lot of potential. I know I say that a lot and nothing happens haha, but this time something will.  They say that the ward has been increasing a lot in the past month so I hope we can keep that up. We live with 2 other Elders. The house is big, but super dirty and nasty.  Maybe its because I just came from the nicest house in the mission, but it's still bad.  We don't have running water so I have become very grateful for that.  I shower in our outdoor little area, with a bucket of cold water.  I'm really having the El Salvadoran experience. I'll send a picture of that. The area is really big, 6 missionaries share the area and are of the same ward. I'm excited to see how much we can do here.
Today was sunday and it was a bit weird.  Our church starts at 2pm so that was really different for me.  I have never gone to church at that time so it was interesting.  The ward is awesome and we had an attendance of 145 ppl today which is one of the biggest wards in the mission.  I guess lately the attendance has just been going up and up.  Today was the most they have had in a long time.  A bit different than the 50 en Apaneca.  We have 2 girls we are teaching that are very positive and hopefully they will have a baptismal date this week.
Yesterday was a good day.  I felt great and I guess the spirit was extra strong or something because everything was rolling good with our teaching.  We had one lesson with one of our positive investigators and we were trying so hard to get her to accept to be baptized on the 18th of this month.  This has happened a few times on my mission, but I really noticed it yesterday. It really takes it out of you when you are putting all you've got into the lesson and trying so hard to follow the spirit and figure out what it is that this person needs.  I left the lesson completely drained.  She didn't say yes to the date, but she is very close.  Haha its cool to be a missionary.
I have started reading El Libro de Mormon again and man, that book is TRUE! Its funny how fast you can get yourself interested in what each chapter is saying, even if you have read it many times before.  Hope all of you are keeping up on your scripture study!     

Dad thank you so much for the email this week.  It was something that I really needed to hear and has really helped me out this week.  
I love you all! Have a great week this week, talk to ya all soon! 

Elder Thorpe

I sent some pics of our house, where we shower, the lagoon that is in my area, and the way big spider we found this morning in our bathroom.

Sending home the Sister missionaries that were in the MTC with me.

Our shower...

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