Monday, January 5, 2015

Chucking a duece to Apaneca...

Hey Family!

2015!!!!! Can you believe it's here?? I'm gonna be honest, I never thought that this year would ever come. But it finally has! My "Black Year" in the misión is dead and gone.  I'm happy to hear that you guys had a great week.  Kinda stinks that the cold has hit hard though.  It got a Little cold last night in Apaneca too, but not too bad.  Hahah I'm glad that Jantsen is still having a laugh over me forgetting english.  Sorry, haha that's what happens I guess when you're talking spanish 24/7.  Speaking of Spanish, I'm impressed with yours Dad! Keep practicing so we can talk when I get back. Man that stupid window slipped again? I remember I drove around without the inside part of the door for like 4 months because of it.  Thats a bummer! Glad its fixed. Thats cool that D&C 4:2 is the theme for this year. Such a great scripture and is so true! That's the only way we can serve the Lord, with everything we've got.  I'm also glad that you all are catching that wave! Keep it up!!

For New Year's Eve we ate sooo much food. I'll send some pictures but we had 3 dinners. The first one was with a way cool family who has a son out on the misión. It was M.J's mom and dad. They gave us a nice piece of pork with rice and bread.  Then we headed over to M.J's house where she gave each one of us 3 6-inch sándwiches filled with chicken, lettuce and cucumber. It was really good, but so much food.  We left real full, then made one more quick stop at another members house where they gave us another chicken sándwich.  Haha I was stuffed.  But it was a good New Year's and I, personally, welcomed 2015 in with open arms and a big smile. :)

Today was a great day. I headed down to Ataco to do a Baptism interview for the sisters which went great. Then we came back and had an awesome lesson with M.J and her daughter, M. A.  We have gotten way close to that family so it feels kind of like home when ever we go over.  But today we really felt the spirit and we talked more about baptism.  M.J. told us that she wants to be baptized and be a member of the church but she just is a little scared to get married.  But she said that she will talk to her husband about it. M.A. said that she would like to be baptized and is thinking a lot about it, but she doesn't want to agree on a day yet. We still have to wait and see what happens, but I have seen changes in them and I feel like the luck might turn around for us with this family. Lets hope! 
Well today was Sunday.  The first sunday of 2015. I'm still trying to comprehend that its 2015.  I have learned a lot this week.  We have changes this next week and who knows what will happen, but I know that whatever comes I just have to take it, love it, and make the best of it.  I have learned that, as a missionary, maybe sometimes we're put in an área or with a companion to help someone in ways that maybe don't consist of baptizing a bunch. I had a couple good talks with my companion this week.  He really misses his family. I shared a few of my experiences that I had at the start of my misión and tried to help him the best I could.  I think it helped him a bit, but mostly it brought us both a little bit closer and we have gotten along a lot better since.    I also was able to see how much I have been changed since the start of my misión. I haven't baptized all of El Salvador like I had planned, but my personal testimony has grown leaps and bounds and I know that the work that I am doing is the work of the Lord. I have new plans and greater knowledge of what I want in my future and for my future family. That is what I have been trying so hard to get my comp to understnad is how much he can be changed if he stays out here on his misión.  Thanks all of you that were there, and still are, praying for me and the amazing advice that I have received over the past 18 months.  Don't know what I did to be blessed with such a great family!    

So we just got the word of changes and… I'm chucking a duece to Apaneca.  My companion is too.  Were both a Little bit surprised but, thats how the misión is and whatever comes is what is best. It will be hard to say goodbye to the awesome people that I have met here, but I guess there are others waiting in another área.  I have no idea where I'm going, but I will be sure to let you all know next week.  I love you all so much! Miss ya all!

Elder Thorpe

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