Monday, February 16, 2015

Invite Him in!

OOOOYYYY!! Familia!

Man I hope you guys are just having a blast in St. George right now! Hope it's nice and warm for you all. Jealous that you guys get to see some baseball!! Hope all is going great. This morning our whole zone went up to this place called Los Ausoles.  They are like these hot springs up on the mountain and this really sick resort up there where we chilled for a little bit! I am sending some pics of it all.  Also of a cow head that we found on the side of the rode in our area, the difference between a US oreo and an El Salvadoran oreo. (Bigger in the states).  Enjoy them!

WE MOVED THIS WEEK!! We got ourselves a new little house right down by the lake haha its pretty sweet.  The companionship that was living there had some quick changes so one left to Santa Ana and the other is in a trio with the other 2 elders we used to live with.  So we were told to find a new house ASAP so we just took their's.  It's small, but pretty much brand new and perfect for missionaries.  It's one of 3 houses on this member's property and 4 other elders live in the other 2.  So it's pretty cool! 
We have had a pretty great week this week.  Some real cool experiences have been had! First off, thank you mucho for the letters mom and jantsen! I'll be writing you back soon! (Especially you Jdawg hahah) Great to hear from you through a letter.  I also got Jeff and Janes monster of a pkg, that was awesome! They sure spoiled me with some awesome stuff that my companion and I are enjoying very much.  Thank you guys!

This week was great with our investigators.  A____ and his older brother, C____, are pretty positive and both told us that they would be willing to make the changes in their lives to find more peace.  It is just so hard to get them to church! They are working a lot, but we are hoping they come this week! We had some super cool lessons this week with really just feeling the spirit.  One was with this guy that is an old investigator and was about to be baptized but didn't.  We went to visit him with a member and the guy at first did not want to talk to us at all.  But we persisted a little bit more and he let us in.  We then just focused really hard on getting the spirit there.  We invited it, and then talked about how it works and how he has felt it before in his life.  You could really feel it when the spirit filled the room.  The guy opened up to us and started telling us about how he would like to make changes and wants to be happier.  It was such a cool thing to see happen.  He has been hard to find since, but I'll let you guys know what happens with him.

So we have changes this week! Elder Rietveld is chuckin' a duece and I will be receiving a new comp on wednesday.  So I'll tell ya next week who it is! I'm sorry I'm not writing too much this week, but I'll tell all about changes next week! 

I love you Family!! This church is TRUE and I hope you guys are striving each and every day to feel the spirit! It is the guide that we all need in our lives, so invite him in!
Talk next week!

Elder Thorpe

The Zone Turin

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