Monday, March 2, 2015

A Possum Dinner...

Love my familia!!
Ya'll sound great! That is so crazy that everyone is home now.  Elder Smith emailed me and told me a bit about how life is back home. Hah, I'm super scared to come home! Luckily I have some time left.  I bet you all are pumped for baseball to start this week! I know I am, even though I won't see any of it haha.  Dad, haha you definitely weren't a tool! You were easily one of the greatest coaches I have ever had and really, all I know about sports came from you!  Things are going alright down here, let me tell ya about it!

This week has just flown by. I know its because we have been working super hard. We have been focusing a lot more on our daily goals and not resting until we meet them each day. It has been so cool to see those small miracles unfold everyday when you are doing all you can to have that success that you want.  On wednesday we found ourselves with about 15 minutes before our next appointment so we took advantage of it and started contacting all we could in the street.  We touched one door and this older lady came out, looking at us a little weird.  We just quickly explained who we were and asked if we could share something with her. Her face softened up and said, "well sure come on in!" Haha she is a funny lady, named Maria Teresa. But she told us that she would love to come to church and to learn more. She was unable to come yesterday, but she said she will go this next week.
I also had the opportunity to eat Possum this past week.  Cool, huh? I don't know if it was just the way that my cocinera prepared it or what but it was super good! They showed it to us the day before we ate it and it was the whole body, just skinned.  Man it looked freaky. But I'm proud to say that I have eaten possum, and I like it.

So the teenage girl that we have been teaching, L____, is super cool and loves church and really wants to get baptized.  But, we finally got to talk to her mom about giving her permission to be baptized and well, she straight up said no.  It was the saddest lesson I have ever been in. It all started good and we were having a great conversation with L____ and a member that came with us.   But her mom didn't want us to try to talk her into letting her daughter get baptized and told us to not come back. We are praying for a miracle so that L_____ can keep going to church! But we will see what happens.
Yesterday was the government elections for the city mayor. At least I think that's what it would be in english. But things can get a little crazy down here with those elections, so for safety we had to be in our houses at 6pm.  So we went and visited people in the morning, then went to church, and then went home.  It was super weird because it was the first sunday in almost 20 months that I had with nothing to do. We took advantage of it though and bought some food earlier in the week to cook.  We made some chicken fried rice in our front yard with a member's stove and with the other 2 missionaries that live infront of us. It was fun!      
So hey, I love all of ya. Miss ya all like crazy, too.  But time just keeps moving forward. 
Talk to ya'll next week! 

Elder Thorpe

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