Monday, March 9, 2015

Gosh I love this Gospel!!

Gosh I love this Gospel!! (And Baseball!)

So glad to hear that the week went well with the first Baseball games.  Loved the pics too! Jantsen! DONT CUT YOUR HAIR! I love it! I'm sorry Mom if you don't, but I can't grow mine out so I need Jdawg to do it for me:) You all sound super great! Dad that's sweet that A___ G____ is able to talk about life back here in El Salvador.  She emailed me too and told me that she was going to the clinic.  She says she misses the mission a lot and that now she really understands how great of joy missionary work brings.  Makes me want to work even harder in these last few months I have! Mom I absolutely LOVE the picture you sent me.  Man it just has so much symbolism in it and really catches the deep meaning of the amazing ATONEMENT.  Isn't it the greatest thing ever?! 

Alright so, the highlight of this week would have to be that every companionship of the mission all got cell phones on friday. Yeah everyone was super excited about that.  They had been talking about us getting phones for like 4 months now and it never happened, but they finally came.  We have only had it for 3 days and it has been such a huge help for us! We are able to call investigators to see if they are home before we make a long walk to their house, and we can call members when we are out to see if they can come visit with us.  So, we're loving the cell phone! We received them at a Multizone conference that we had on friday.  That was really good and I learned a ton.  It was focused a lot on the family and how when we see a family in the street, we must go out of our way to talk to them.  They showed a little mormon message on families and it made me think of how much I love mine! I know all of the blessings that my family has received thanks to living this Gospel, so why wouldn't I stop and talk to every family I see so that they have the chance to accept and receive the same blessings? That's a thing that I have been working on a lot in the past week, talking to more families. We have found one so far that is pretty cool.  It's a young guy and girl that have a little 1 yr old girl.  We'll see how they progress!
I have also been wondering a lot lately about how the Missionary Work is back home in our ward.  I was not nearly as involved in it as I should have been before the mission, but I also didn't see the missionaries all that much in our ward.  I think its like one companionship for each stake so thats probably why.  Do you guys see the missionaries often? Now that I understand it all, I have realized how important it is to have the members working in the ward.  Campestre has the best members ever! They are so nice to us and always want to go out and visit and get to know our investigators. It really does feel like a big family there at church and that is such a huge blessing for missionaries and for investigators.  That way the investigators dont feel so awkward their first time at church and they are able to make friends easily.  Man, I love this ward! We had a fun experience at church yesterday with a new investigator named J___. So, J____ is like 60 and has really studied the bible like crazy.  He talked to the misionaries awhile ago and they gave him a triple so he has been studying that as well.  He came to church and asked and commented so much in the Gospel Doctrine class haha it was funny. He has potential to be a good teacher in the church. He is willing to learn more and more, but he is struggling to believe that he needs to be baptized again.  We have been trying to get him to understand that it must be done by someone holding the authority of God. So that's what were working on with him right now, but he is a cool guy!
 I love you all so much! Have a blast this week at SUNSHINE and send me lots of pics next week please!! 
Talk soon!

Elder Thorpe

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