Monday, March 16, 2015


AHHHH man it sounds like sunshine was so much fun!! JANTS! Haha I cannot believe you took one YARD!  Super proud of ya bud! Everyone looks fantastic and it looks like there were a lot of Springville fans down there. Glad it went so good! Nick looks skinny and tall, its super weird haha. Dad, lovin the beard bro! But, are you really reppin the glasses now or are they Brooks´? So weird to think that 2 years ago I was getting my call and still playing ball. Doesn't feel like 2 years! Well, I wrote lots for ya'll this week.

Things went pretty good for us this week. I feel like we talked to the whole world this last week.  We are working hard with this Family scene, Family contacted thing that the mission has started doing.  It has made contacting in the street a lot more fun and interesting because it doesn't matter where we are or where we are headed, if we see a family we have got to talk with them.  Its been working, too because we have found a few new families that we are starting to teach.  One of them, the M____ family, is really positive but the mom and the dad both work everyday and are working on sundays too so its gonna be a bit of a challenge to get them to church. But anything is possible! 
A___B____ came to CHURCH yesterday!! He is such a cool kid.  He is 22 yrs old and has a twin brother that they we have started teaching too.  His parents go to another church and never have time to listen to the lesson when we are there but they are super nice and always give us food.  Their entire family all lives in this little section of our area, the street there is literally called "street of the B____". The whole family is way cool but we are basically only teaching the twins, A___ and M___. These 2 are funny guys and really would fit in perfectly with my group of friends haha. My comp calls them both "Chele" which basically means "white boy" because my comp is darker than everyone so to him everyone is white.  But A___ has started calling my comp "Black Eyed Peas" haha and it makes me laugh so hard every time he does, my comp laughs too. But the twins love to learn more about the church, they have just had some fear of going to church because the church is a little bit into the other side of town where its a little bit dangerous for them to go. But A____ went yesterday and they both said that they will go next week.
The J___ guy that I talked about last week has been in San Salvador working all week so we haven"t been able to talk to him which is a bummer.  He will get back in a couple days though, so we will go visit him again.
Remember S_____? She came to church last week! I forgot to put it in my email last week.  AND she is enrolled in seminary. (Yeah, still not baptized) We have been helping her a little bit with her Scripture Mastery that she has to memorize so I have been able to memorize a few too! She is slowly getting closer to baptism, but still doesn't want to do it yet.
One of the 6 banana trees in froont of our house fell down from the wind and so did a big thing of bananas! So now they are hanging in our house getting ripe.  We also have 2 mango trees and an avacado tree so we are living good here! Mango season is about to start and I am sooo excited. Hope im still here for that time. 
Things are going good down here! The days just keep flying by and I cant believe how fast it is going. One quote that I found that I really like is about baseball. "Follow through. Stopping at third base adds no more to the score than striking out." _Alexander Animator 
Pretty good yeah?
Well I sure love you all so much! Have an incredible week this week!
Elder Thorpe

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