Monday, March 23, 2015

Searching the Scriptures...

My dearest Family:) 
Great to hear that all went well down at the Snow Canyon Tourney this week! You guys are going back down this weekend?? Are you just gonna move down there then? Haha that will be fun, hope Big Nick does great! Mitch got his call?? Texas baby!!! Hey he will fit in so well down there! Man I can't believe how fast the time has gone and that he has his call. SO glad that I will be able to see him before he goes! 

It rained a little bit this past week! It was super nice because it has been so hot. We were blessed with a few cloudy days and some rain one morning. It was the first time since November. But the heat is going to come back for these next couple weeks, it sounds like, because for the first weeks of April are always the hottest and they have what they call the Semana Santa, which is basically spring break, but the Catholic religion does a ton of stuff that week. It's like their Easter, but all week long. We are excited for that first week of April because on the 3rd we are having a trip to the temple with our investigators. It's gonna be super cool. Then there is General Conference!! It will be a great week!
So we had some good lessons with the B____ twins. We talked about baptism and why we all need to do it and we set a goal for each of them. M____ is for the 26th of April because he needs to get married, and A____ is for this next month, too. So we are really hoping and praying that they keep progressing like they are! We just have to get them to church more.
J___ came back from San Salvador so we talked to him and had a great lesson, and he came to church yesterday. This guy could easily pass for a Pastor from some other church because he knows the bible very well and is always throwing different questions at us.  But we have been able to help him out a lot with all of his doubts. He seems to have something different everytime we go to his house. He is starting to understand a lot more of how all of our teachings work like the Word of Wisdom and Baptism and stuff like that. He is a really smart guy, but what we noticed this past week is that he struggles to truly "search" the scriptures. He looks up the scripture references that are found in our pamphlets that we give him and he gets a bit confused about the verses because he doesn't read a little bit further in to understand what is going on in that part of the scriptures.  It has made me see the importance of truly searching and studying the scriptures.  I have learned this over my mission that you can get so much more out of what you are reading if you have questions and actually use those foot notes to search for the answers. They are all there, but sometimes it just takes a little bit more reading and searching to find them. The scriptures are such a huge help and guide for us if we just know how to use them.
We were able to see a miracle through our family contacting as well. We saw a big family sitting outside their house talking together and so we went up and started talking to them. All we said was "good afternoon" and the dad told us to come in. So we walked in and started talking to them. They are a family of 8 and they don't go to any church, which is very rare for this country. The dad has sisters that are members of the church, but he has never gone. They said that they have faith that one day they will all go to a church as a family. They gave us some watermelon and kept asking questions about us and what we do as missionaries. It was sweet to find them! Lets hope they progress!  
Well, I honestly can't believe how fast the time is going.  They just called me and asked what airport I will be going to.  Haha crazy stuff. I love you all so much and hope you have a great week! Be safe down in St. George and play hard Nick!

Elder Thorpe

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