Monday, March 30, 2015

SEMANA SANTA (the holy week)


Alrighty so, my highlight of the week was obviously Friday when I got the chance to baptize a very large and good man. His name is S____. He is a super cool guy! He was an investigator of other elders in my district but they asked me to help with the baptism because, well, he is a big dude. So there was 3 of us in the font and they asked me to do the ordinance. Haha it was a pretty fun experience. I was a bit nervous to see how it would turn out, but luckily I did a couple push ups the morning before, and we prayed hard so, we were ready. 

Other than that not much happened this week. We went and visited A___ a couple times, once with our ward mision lider. A___ is doing good, but it sure is hard to get that kid to church.  But he and his brother said that they would go to the temple trip this week so I hope that will help them. 
The cool family that we found last week has been hard to find. We only talked to them one more time but man, they are super cool.  They also have family in Utah! And a nephew that went to Mongolia on his mission that got home last august. So they have some great potential to progress! 
We were able to find another cool and young family this past week.  The wife is a member, but the husband isn't and it is the first time the the missionaries have ever really talked with him. He is really nice and super cool. We only met with them once so we will see how things go. 
This coming week is going to be really busy for us. There is a ton of big things that are going on starting with changes on wednesday, then the temple trip with investigators on friday, and then Conference! It is going to be so crazy, but so fun I can't wait! This week is the Semana Santa (the Holy Week) and it is basically spring break for latin america. The Catholic church does a lot of stuff, something different everyday. So we get to see some crazy things. But Friday is the day that hardly anyone is working, that's why we are doing our temple trip. It is also the hottest week of the year so that should be fun. 
The new video "Because He Lives" is super cool. I love it! And it is our main focus right now. Glad you guys got to see it.
ALSO! We do have transfers this week and I am going to leave Campestre! I'm kind of bummed, but it will be good and I'm excited to go to my next and final area. I'll let you all know next week where I'm at! I love you all so much! Have a great week!

Elder Thorpe

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