Monday, April 6, 2015

Changes and "Gosh, I love conference so much!"

Holla @ my Fam!
Jantsen, you are right about the letters.  I am not good at writing them and they take way too long so, we'll just talk in 3 months, deal? The Easter back home looks like it was great! I hope you all had fun! Everyone looks so big! Lynsie Hyer also sent some pics of Trey! That kid is so cute haha I cannot wait to meet him! I am also happy to hear you all had a great conference weekend! It was soooo goood! I'm bummed I won't get to see another one as a missionary.  
It has been such a crazy week!! We have been so busy and so much has happened. Some good news, my last day in Campestre we were able to talk with J______ and he agreed to be baptized this coming Saturday! Hopefully it all goes well. So, I have moved to my new, and final, area. You'll never guess where I am… I'm back in ATIQUIZAYA! Except it's a different area. I was in Manantiales last year, but now I am in El Angel. It's literally right next to Manantiales.  Ah man I am so pumped to be here, I love Atiquizaya. My companion's name is Elder C____, from Mexico. This guy is awesome and we already have gotten along so well! He is funny, and can do tons of really cool magic tricks too haha. He is also a very great missionary. He can teach super well and loves to work hard.  Right now we have 2 people that will be baptized this coming saturday! They are 2 girls named A____ and V_____. They are really cool and pumped to be baptized. We also are teaching a family of six, the Familia O____, who all told us yesterday that they wanted to be baptized. The goal right now is the 25th for them, we just have to get them to church and to stop drinking coffee. They went to the temple with us on friday and loved it, so they are progressing great. There is so much potential here, haha I am so excited for these last couple months I will have here! Our house is really cool too. A bit dirty, but it's nice! I'll send pics. 
So the Temple trip was awesome! We had 7 different station & teaching areas set up around the temple that talked about different things of the Gospel like, the Plan of Salvation, Prophets, Baptism, stuff like that. Everyone started in the chapel, then we took them in groups to the different stations. It was a lot of fun and you could really see how the Spirit worked in some of these people.  I'm not sure how many, but I know a lot of people accepted to be baptized right there at the temple! My comp and I talked to one guy on the bus ride home who is an investigator of the sisters in my district and he loved it and accepted our invitation to be baptized on the 24th of this month. The Temple is such a powerful place!! OH haha another crazy thing that happened at the temple was that I met a Gringo family there who was visiting the temple. They were from California. We started talking and after I introduced myself, they asked me if I knew a Greg Thorpe. Hahah I was like, well yeah he's my Dad! They freaked a little bit, but then with some more investigation, we found out that they were talking about a different Greg Thorpe who went to BYU Hawaii and is blonde. So Dad, there is another Greg Thorpe out there. It was a funny experience.
Conference!! Gosh, I love Conference so much! I learned a ton of things that really helped me out! Were you all able to find answers to your questions? I sure did! There was a lot of talking about how important the family is these days.  What I have seen in the past little couple months, as a missionary, is that the church is really focusing so much on the family.  It is such a crucial part in our success here on earth. We must be united as a family through the Gospel. Sure am grateful for the family that I have!! Couldn't ask for anything better!

I love you all soo much! Have an awesome Spring Break this week, play hard boys! And go do something fun!

Elder Thorpe
Elder Sanchez going home!  My first Companion in El Salvador!

Watching conference

My house in El Angel, Atiquizaya

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