Monday, April 13, 2015

El Angel, Atiquizaya

OOYY! Family!

I'm happy to hear that Spring Break went well for you all. Sounds like a TON of Baseball!! That's what I like to hear. Loved the pictures! Was that Brooks in the video?? If so, he looks so much older! Sounds like everyone is playing really good! Jantsen I am super proud to hear that you are being a utility player! That's the way to be, you will get so much more playing time.  That's how I liked to play, I didn't care where they put me, I just wanted to play! Glad you are playing well! Haha I'm glad that you liked the pictures of the house.  Yeah, it's where A____ G_____was living when she was here.  No, there is no hot water, but the water actually isn't all that cold, and it feels good because its so dang hot here.  I'm trying my best to put that weight room to good use. Unfortunately, no we don't have any fruit trees. But yeah, haha, I'm trying to lay off the pupusas and eat a little more healthier.  But I'm still keeping track of how many I eat! I'm almost up to 600. The rain hasn't started yet, but it's coming here in about a month. 
That's cool that the missionaries will be at the ward for this month! Let me know how it goes with them! 

Well, this week has been soo exhausting! I don't get why, but Atiquizaya is so hot and humid at this time of year. But I am still loving it here in El Angel. The ward here is so sweet and the members are awesome. Really, El Angel is the place to be.  We are finding positive people and a lot are progressing.  There are 3 companionships in the ward, my companion and I, and 4 sisters. The sisters are doing great as well and all of them have baptismal dates set for these upcoming weeks.
A____, V_____ and another little girl named C_____ all got baptized on saturday! The baptism went great and they were all really excited to do it.  Haha they called us at least 20 times during the day to make sure everything was ready to go and to know when we were going to pick them up. I will send some pictures. 
The O____ family is doing pretty good. They live in a part of our area that is a long ways away so we usually have to take the bus and walk a ways. This family is extremely humble. There are a total of 6 that live in this little adobe house and they really don't have much at all. They were a reference from a member that we got right when I got here. The grandparents aren't very interested, but the mom and dad and 2 daughters are.  They have stopped drinking coffee! We gave them a bunch of chocolate packets to make instead of coffee and they have all gone the whole week without coffee. The only problem is with the dad because he likes to drink. This past week he was almost always drunk everytime we got to their house. He really wants to get married to his wife and get baptized, but it is really hard for him to stop drinking. We are working really hard with them, especialy the dad. We know that he will stop drinking soon! 

Another guy that we are teaching is M______. He is 20 years old and is also very, very humble. He lives in a tough situation. He lives with his mom who has some sicknesses that keep her from working, so its him who has to work and pay for everything. He spends a lot of time in the street hanging out with people he shouldn't, but he really wants to change his life and be better for his mom. He is a really great guy and is thinking about being baptized at the end of the month.
We had the chance to help out with a blood donation that the stake was doing, so that was pretty cool. We didn't do too much, haha, but we got to sit in on a little mtg that they had with the main people from all of the hospitals in Atiquizaya and Ahuachapan. The bishops from the wards explained a little about the church and what we do, and then gave them all a packet with a Liahona, Church DVD and stuff like that.  It was pretty cool and a lot of people showed up to donate some blood!  

Things just keep moving here, and all is well! I miss you all, but will see ya soon! Have a great week this week!
Love you all!!

Elder "Thor" (Thats what they call me here :) )

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