Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Week #2 in El Salvador, Rio Zarco

Mi Familia!
I cannot express the love and gratitude I have for you all right now.  I have felt your prayers and support so much this past week, and it has gotten better for me.  Thank you so much for loving me!  I realized that home really isn't that far away and I have many pictures to look at.  I apologize for being so self-centered in my last email.  I was so caught up in how I was feeling and I am sorry if I have made you all worry!  But I am doing just fine and like you all said, I will survive this.  That is one thing that is comforting for me, I know that I won't die!  Haha! 
 This past week  I have seen sooo many things, and it is so sad to see how some people live.  Me and Elder S. were able to go to Juayua, a different city outside of Santa Ana up in the mountains.  The climate is so much better there,  it's not nearly as hot and it rains all the time!  And it is so incredibly beautiful!  That is where Elder R. is and he said he can see the beach from there.  I hope I get to go there!  Anyways, we were there for a baptism of an investigator that Elder S. was teaching and he got to baptize him.  It was very cool to see!  You would not believe the journey we had getting there and back to Rio Zarco!  The bus ride was insane!  The bus was so full of people, I was really thinking that there is no way I am going to make it.  Then once we got there, we rode in the back of a truck for about 20 miles to the church with about 25 other people.  We had a tarp on top of us because it was raining.  I can't even describe how crazy it was.  Some little kids, about 9 or 10, would just hang by a rope on the tailgate of the truck and it gets better!  On the way home, the bus we were in hit a big pot hole and broke down.  We waited for a good 20 min until they got it working again.  During this entire time, we were fasting so I hadn't had anything to eat or drink for quite some time.  It was nuts.  But, I am still alive and okay!
I am proud to hear about the great week of football this week!  Nice work boys!  Jants, it sounds like you did the same thing to your right wrist that I did to mine my freshman year.  Remember that?  That stinks, it was the first game too!  Nick, it is so funny how much you look like all the kids here, haha!  I am glad you think it is funny too!  Brooks, I loved the picture you sent me!  It is hanging up next to my other one!  Thank you all for the letters!
Mom, thank you for sending a package!  It's okay that there is no mac-n-cheese because we don't have milk here.  The milk is too expensive so we have to use powdered milk.  I don't know if that would work with mac-n-cheese.  But just some little candy bars and things are perfect!  
Thank you all again for the support.  It is a struggle every day, but like you said,  dad, it is easier when I only take it week by week.  I am praying, working hard, and staying busy!
I love you all so much and miss you! 
Elder P.R. Thorpe
It takes forever to send pics so I'll send more next week.  Also, will you send some Pokemon cards?  The kids here love them!!  Gracias!
Me and Elder Sanchez on the day of my first transfer.

This is my room.  The ZL's sleep downstairs.

The downstairs.

This is the view from our upstairs balcony.  As you can see, the houses are pretty darn small.  And this is the nicer part of town.

At the mission home.

This is our kitchen.  Does it look kind of dirty to you??

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