Monday, September 9, 2013

"Stay in the Pocket!"

Nos Vemos!!
Gracias por sus cartas!!  Sounds like everyone is doing fantastic!  I can't believe that you all fasted for me, you are amazing!  Especially you Brooks!!  Thanks Bud!  Sure needed it, and have definitely felt it during the past week!  I have had some hard days, but then I will come back to my house and right above my bed is the family pictures that you sent me.  I look at that picture of my family and it reminds me of how incredibly blessed I am! I have just about everything I could hope for and have had that for the past 19 years.  I have a loving mother and father who are active in the church, and I have 3 studs for brothers who are making great decisions in their lives!  I could not be more grateful for that!  It kind of bugs me that it took me to come to a foreign country to find that out.  But I am happy that I do now!
It's awesome to hear about the great football being played back there!  How is everyone liking it?  My advice for you all is to enjoy it, because before you know it you will be where I am, on your mission with NO football.  Yeah, hard to imagine, right?  But no, there is none of that here, only soccer!  But I am learning to love it!  So enjoy this great time you have to play, and keep playing hard!  I am so proud of you boys!!
I came up with a pretty cool analogy this past week relating to football.  It works great especially for QBs, so Jants, listen up!  Life will get you down many times, and more than usual as you are about to start high school.  This is like dropping back to pass.  You drop back and are immediately under pressure of being sacked, right?  Well those D-linemen are the temptations and the hard decisions you have to make in life.  This is difficult to deal with, but you have some help.  And that is the Lord, or your O-line.  You have to put your trust in the Lord that He will block those temptations from getting to you, as long as you are living right.  The way to live right in this analogy is to Stay In The Pocket.  If you stay in the pocket instead of trying to scramble when the pressure comes, you will be able to move to the open areas and deliver the pass.  The way to be able to move with the Lord's blocks is to keep your feet moving, right?  Which is reading your scriptures, praying, going to church, and all of that great stuff!  Haha!  It's kind of a fun way to look at life.  I hope you like it!  SO, my advice is to STAY IN THE POCKET. :)
 Thank you for all the great advice!  And for the package that you said you sent, I hope it gets here fast! That is awesome to hear about Easton.  I bet he is pumped!  I am so excited for him to go, he will love it!
The food is pretty great here!  I love it.  We have one member who feeds us lunch everyday, and we are on our own for breakfast and dinner.  We buy our food every P-day in town which  is about 15 minute bus ride away from our area.  That's where we email, too,  at a stake center that is in the city.  We have a nice building in our area that we attend, it holds only one ward though.    Hah!  I need to start eating a little more healthy...haha, I'll do better, Mom!  But I take my probiotics every day and am doing just fine!  I am starting to love it out here.  We are teaching about 10 investigadores, and we had 3 come to church yesterday.  These 3 have some good potential for baptism,  so I hope that continues!  I still can't say that much, but I am starting to understand the people much better.  Poco a poco!
Thank you all for the incredible support and love that you are giving me!  I just can't express how grateful I am!
Love you all and miss you much!  Talk to ya next week!
Love Elder P.R.Thorpe

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