Monday, September 16, 2013

Cream shirts and pregnant dogs...

Hey Fam!!
I'm glad you liked the analogy!  I was excited when I came up with it haha!  Things are getting better!  I still can't speak Spanish, but it is progressing.  We have a member that washes all of our clothes.  She lives about a half a mile away so we take our clothes to her every Monday morning.  Not sure how she cleans them, but they smell...cleaner than we left them when we pick them up, so I won't complain!  The Kirkland brand we bought isn't as good as the others, they are all now a nice cream color.  But nobody here cares and neither do I!
Jants, that is too bad about your hand.  I know how bad it is to be hurt and not be able to play, it is the worst!  I bet you are hating it and asking why it has to happen, but just try to accept it, and know that there is a reason for it!  You'll be back playing soon, I know a pretty good Physical Therapist there in the Ville haha! ;)
The teaching is okay, I don't do much yet, because I don't understand all of it and can't communicate with anyone.  But I have some memorized things that I say.  You know me, I'm a quiet kid.  So it is a ways out of my comfort zone to try and talk with these people.  BUT I am trying.  We have 4 investigators who are very positive.  One man has come to church 3 times and we hope to have a date set with him this week!  Another woman who is a friend of this man, is also progressing very quickly.  We have only met with her 3 times and she has already been to church.  We're hoping for a date with her this week as well!  The other two are a mom and daughter who are the same as our others, very positive.  This week we hope to have them all with Bautismo fechas!  I'm pretty excited!
My comp is a good kid, haha!  He is funny and we get along!  We don't say much to each other but, it's good.  We live with the ZL's and they are pretty fun.  Elder G. is one of them and he is from Honduras.  This dude is CRAZY.  Haha!  I love him!  Elder N. is from Syracuse, Utah I think.  He is a stud too!
Sounds like everyone is going on a mission, that is great!  I am excited for them!!
I am so excited for general conference.  I have never been this excited for one in my whole life haha!  However, it will all be in I won't understand most of it.  But you are right, we will all be watching at the same time!  That is cool to think about.  No, I'm not that far at all!  I get to hear from you every week and I have many pictures to look at when I am missing you!
I hope my letters get there soon, I sent them about two week ago!  Yours have come fast, I have gotten one every week and I love it!!  Thank  you all!
Oh fun fact, we have a pet dog here.  It just follows us around all day.  It lives in the street and somehow finds us everyday!  Her name is Chachi.  We have recently realized that Chachi is going to have some pups!  She had been getting a little bigger in her starving stomach and one day a member we were with said that she was pregnant.  Haha!  So that should be interesting!
Everything is going good here, I still miss home, but I am accepting and adjusting to life here.  I know that you are all not too far away and that I am doing the right thing out here!  SO don't worry about me.  I'm a tough kid!  I can get through anything that comes my way.

Love you all so much!  Talk to you next week!
Elder Thorpe

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