Monday, October 7, 2013

Conference Weekend

Hey Family!

I miss you all so much!  Thank you mom and dad for your emails.  They have given me some comfort that I have really needed.  I have done a lot of thinking this past week with conference, which made me very homesick seeing the outside of the conference center and the temple.  But so many talks that were given answered about all of my questions.  I felt like almost every talk was directed at me.  The challenges I have had are still there, but through all of those talks I have learned that the only answer to happiness is to keep working and put your faith and trust in the Lord.  I know that I have my Savior beside me.  Sometimes it is hard to see that he is there, but I know that He is because I always find myself dropping to my knees and asking for His help.

Thank you all so much again for your amazing support and love for me.  I don't know what I did to be blessed with so many great things and such a great family, but I have been and I am so grateful.  Dad, haha, it sounds like my life is a repeat of yours.  Everything that you have said you went through is exactly what I have gone through.  Especially out here on the mission.  I also believe that you went through those hard times for many reasons, but one big one is  to help me through hard times.  Whenever I am feeling down, a thought that I have is that, well, my dad made it through his mission and has blessed my life, so I can do it, too.  Mom, I think of you every day and how important it is to me that you are happy.  I have realized that the way for you to be the happiest you can is for me to serve this mission with all that I have, and for your 5 boys to all be full-time missionaries.  One of your boys has already done it (dad) and now number 2 is in the process.  I can't let you down, and I won't!  I love you way too much!

Thank you again for everything and these awesome words of advice you have given me.  I have some things for that Christmas package now, haha!  I could use a new backpack.  I don't need a very big one, just to hold my scriptures, umbrella and a couple little pockets for other things.  It can't be any crazy colors, dark blue, gray, or black.  If it has a little red on it, that's okay...haha!  Also some febreeze would be great if you can!

Well, I am still pushing through and the spanish is coming, I think!  We have another baptism set for next Sunday and I am very excited for it!  She is like a member already!  She is so ready to be baptized.  She said that conference yesterday was like a letter sent straight to her for her life.

Hope things are still great for you all back home and the boys are still tearing it up on the gridiron!

Love you all with all my heart!

Elder Thorpe

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